Hutch and Hikaru Nakamura Win A Duos Chess Tournament!

This was a Twitch Rivals chess event called “Hand and Brain.” Simple concept. The brain (Hikaru) picks which piece to move and the hand (Hutch) picks where to move it. This was my 3rd appearance in a grand finals of a Twitch chess tournament and the first time that I finally won. Was a LOT of fun.

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  1. Congrats Hutch! Wish I could have caught the live stream, thanks for uploading it!

  2. Stayed up til 3am (Irish time) to watch this live. Work sucked this morning, but I don’t regret it for a second 👏

  3. Would absolutely love to see more chess content. Your pogchamps content with botez got me re-interested in chess, and I've been playing alot more ever since. It would be cool to see more collaborations with Hikaru and others in the future.

  4. Beginning to end was awesome and heart warming.

  5. bro when you took your headphones off when he said you should've gone rook g2 it was the icing on the misunderstanding cake

  6. The close up shots of Hikaru hahaa! Classic disappointed father!

  7. Love the chess content Hutch thanks!

  8. Don't really watch chess, but this was great!

  9. Hutch, this is absolutely awesome my man! I've been following you for over a decade now and you've done some cool stuff. But this has got to be up there! Congratulations.

  10. I am a simple man. I see an Umlaut edit, I sub to j15

  11. I want hutch to be brain and sark to be hand

  12. I saw this live! Had to see it again. So happy for you hutch

  13. I love the chess videos, you’re the only reason I started playing chess in the first place, congrats on the win man

  14. Recently got back into chess. Pushing 1800 atm. I would love to see more chess content from you!

  15. This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube wow

  16. Went down a Twitch Chess rabbit hole after watching this the other day.. Some of these streamers have like 20k people watching them play! Fucking rad! Also, congrats – this was super fun to watch and seeing that hug from Esme made it so much cooler!

  17. Someone else said this, but road to 1700 series would be awesome

  18. Always want more chess from you. Your older irl chess vids from back in the day really peaked my interest in the game and helped improved my skill a lot. Could you maybe do an analysis video commentating over where the best moves or maybe trying to read what the GM was trying to get you to move pieces?

  19. This was brilliant I enjoyed the entire video. More please

  20. Love the chess vids Hutch! I suck at chess but at 20:51 you could have played Queen F6 forcing the exchange and having a passed pawn with an easy win

  21. idk what happened to the algorithm but this should be top of my suggested. 8000 views is a travesty.

  22. Let's place hikaru in a bloody 1v1 in rust, let's see who get the first laugh

  23. hikaru should make a video reacting to these matches. so he can say what moves hutch should of made everytime hikaru cringed

  24. Man, this is fucking cool man. Love to see more of this.

  25. This was great to watch man, happy for you dude! GG

  26. How does hutch win at 7:32. He can't get another piece for mate.

  27. Hiraku is such a wonderful guy! Absolutely loved watching this! Well done Hutch!

  28. it was fun to watch the chess master, playing with that Hikaru guy. But for real that was fun to watch, and congratz

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