I Almost Won a $15,000 Chess Tournament

This is the greatest 2nd place of All Time


  1. In the words of skullfire3601- COLLECT YOUR DAMN POINT BONUSES CHARLIE

  2. 6:41 if you played that Qa8+ move you would be able to win a queen. They play Qb8 cos only move and then you play Rxd8+. They have to take the rook cos they're in check and you pick up their queen afterwards.

  3. If this comment doesn't get 1,000 likes, Trump will be the president again. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  4. I found out that this Chess guy was actually the star of the Hunger Games

  5. Can someone explain the checkmate to me at 6:45? Why can't the king just go up one space?

  6. I did NOT take you as the kind of person to play chess

  7. Wow you only have 1000 points. Sorry If I judge you but i am 14 and I have 2000 points and I have not been coached in chess

  8. anybody else never played chess and does not know at all how to play but still knows when somethings good just by the energy?

  9. Of all the words of tongue and pen the saddest are these, I’m might’ve been

  10. Just learned that my favorite character from the Bible (and the Hunger Games franchise) plays chess.

  11. misclick at 1:20 is the most relatable thing I've seen in 2020.

  12. 2020 will stop being shit if this comment gets 1,000 likes.


  14. defeats a wgm

    this doesn't feel very good

  15. I have the secrets to time travel on my channel.

  16. In another reality, he won and bought 2 hundred D****s

  17. "oohhh interesting, I immediately played the wrong move" me every time I play chess

  18. STOP SCROLLING! Like this comment if you want to be a billionaire.

  19. Q a8 queen blocks, take queen, take rook, fork king and rook, gg

  20. I thought I knew chess but idk what the fuck happened at 6:49
    Edit: oh

  21. If you don't like this comment you'll die next week.

  22. i love how everyone just knows that offering a draw is basically saying " im pretty sure im gonna lose so let's tie before you notice what i blundered"

  23. Dude go through every move…??? I have no idea wtf is happening

  24. 6:35 you could’ve played, take the queen, check with your knight and take a rook

  25. Wait- he actually played against QTCinderella?

    (I have no clue who she is, but I know she’s friends with pointcrow.)

  26. I actually think queen A8 is winning at 6:38 since the queen blocks, the queen takes check, the king takes, and horse C6 for a fork.

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