I HAVE AN UPDATE!!! From the 27th of december until the 5th of january I’m going to be playing in a chess tournament here in Sweden called Rilton Elo! I will be streaming all my games (with camera feed) on my twitch channel and will be posting daily receps here! Wish me luck!!!

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02:30 INFO
06:00 Cute Story

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  1. Why are there distinctions between nen and women in chess?

  2. I wish you all the best Anna, and hope your rating goes up very much! 🙂

  3. So exciting! I hope your ELO goes up but still impressive already

  4. Anna Yolanda, Feliz Navidad y que este próximo año nos regales palabras en español

    Bueno esperando por tu triunfo en el torneo presencial y que pueda verlo

    Ricardo Algernon

  5. Good luck, buena suerte y como se diga en sueco.

  6. anna do not participate in real chess if u do that we cant see u any more in web and we will lose game so u turn into real player

  7. Very best wishes, to you and your father, and your mother. New beginnings. Peace and Joy together.

  8. Anna you're more than just a chess player.
    You entertain and make people happy.
    You're the best!

  9. Victoria táctica en apuros de tiempo. Felicidades.
    ¡Con tres piezas distintas podía tu rival comer en d5 y con todas perdía una u otra torre!
    ¡Muy divertido (menos para él)!

  10. Look at all the positive comments.
    You are amazing.
    Good luck in everything.

  11. I wish you the best on the Tournament Anna! U beat them! 🙂

  12. good luck!! we're supporting you

  13. seniora pialita pls show anna chess in you tube ,not just in twitch

  14. Wish you the very best! Looking forward to see you succeed! ❤ from India!

  15. Good luck Anna !!! It’s so cute how into chess you and your whole family are . I hope both you and your dad win

  16. Kul att du spelar över brädet igen! Lycka till i Rilton!

  17. Merry Christmas and Good Luck! 😊👍👍♟

  18. There are like 16 players under 2200 in the rilton cup tho

  19. Good luck Anna! You got this. You are encouraging more people to participate in competitive tournaments. Two thumbs up!

  20. Just Some Boy Probably Dressed in Corduroy says:

    Good luck! What time do the games/streams start?

  21. This woman's positivity is beautiful. I wish her the best.

  22. Anna, I just played Shredder chess at 2600 against Stockfish 15.1 at 3000 and Shredder won. What happened?

  23. 2-0 let's go let's go let's go 😂
    Well done Anna 💜

  24. That's great news Anna. Please promise to never participate in chess-boxing, you are too cute for that brutal sport.

  25. Anna the way you have been going through your possibilities is I believe helping me as on beginner level to elevate to a better player… Ty and win that thing

  26. Our friendly neighborhood chess commentator has finally become an Avenger. 🥷

  27. Lets go anna carlsen
    Beauty beauty beauty

  28. uah! you are a machine gun talker! uah!… 💥👍💥👍💥🐻👍

  29. Decent
    Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦

  30. Just come across this channel and find it very interesting and informative, i have a question how do you maintain your chess ranking number if you don't play in tournaments?

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