I Faced Hikaru in a Chess Tournament…

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  1. hikaru is out there taking souls 😊

  2. That laugh at the end is a combination of that is too soon and what just happened

  3. "I wanna see the best wa… Oh theres a checkmate.."

  4. 0:28 Anna: "Well, I wanna see the best way of refuting the cow, okay? That is why I'm doing it."Hikaru: "All roads lead to Rome."

  5. Lol I love how you are publishing the times you lose badly, you should publish the match against Danya where you played well and he called you Kasparov 😂

  6. i knew when the video was only one minute long that it was going to get ugly

  7. He quite roasted you on His Stream too.

  8. This must've been a Titled Tuesday. That was looking like mad Hikaru, he was even faster than usual. Last I checked he was going for something like 3270 online rating, that's just crazy. For a brief shining moment he was up to #2 in the World, he may have slipped down a little.

  9. I swear Hikaru has something against the Cow opening. So instead of playing the soundest moves, he plays some that may not be the best but if not careful results in the quickest checkmate.

  10. Hikaru took offense to the trash opening and absolutely obliterated her lmao

  11. Hikaru after seeing it's Anna: "So.. I'm gonna just mark this as a win "

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