I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy My Friends

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  1. Did anyone see the guy in chat who said his girlfriend was pregnant😂

  2. Lets Sacrifice the rook

  3. Ok guys, apparently gothamchess is now one of the best chess players in the world😂

  4. its Gothamchess i watch every afternoon

  5. I swear im new and ludwig is freinds with everyone at this point

  6. Next chess vid: I Hired a chess grandmaster to destroy my friends

  7. I love that one chatter that said “backseaters actually miserable to read”

  8. Twitch chat are the lowest IQ humans on the planet

  9. people who don't know how to play chess watching gotham's analysis: visible confusion

  10. Lol at one point in the chat someone said he should get levy to coach him

  11. Isn’t it funny how someone in chat asked levy to coach Ludwig

  12. Levy never fails to be one of the best chess players in the world

  13. gotham swearing is the most corrupted thing ive ever heard

  14. "I'm thinking to crush you or destroy you." Best trash talking ever during chess

  15. Play me and don't cheat with a gm username is 2213Z

  16. I saw someone in the chat say “my girlfriends pregnant”💀

  17. I love how the chat are calling them bad players

  18. “It’s good to last 30 seconds I guess” what does that mean😅

  19. If that's how 900 elo plays then I'm a 2100 elo

  20. A smartphone would have been enough 😂

  21. "before you ask, there's nothing in my ass" I wasn't even thinking of that until you said that

  22. Yo lud's friend has the exact same earbuds I have theyre AMAZING

  23. Watching this 2 days before a district chess comp

  24. GGs. Remember: cheating is bad. Unless it’s against your friends. 😄

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