I joined a chess tournament with 500 rating.

Amidst months of anticipation, the ruder_dk chess video has finally released. Whilst participating in a chess tournament he is VASTLY underqualified for, our protagonist (ruder_dk) finds himself encountering a multitude of scenarios, inflicting various emotional responses upon the audience. From rook blunders to sacrifices, this ruder_dk upload is sure to warrant the accolades of, “heart-warming,” “entertaining,” and, “life changing.” You don’t even need to bring your whole chair to watch this, you just need the edge.

Also, I’m releasing this on my birthday (August 11th!) so pls be kind.

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  1. As a youtuber and beginner chess player your video really resonated with me. From the fast-paced editing and chaotic enthusiasm I can tell you'll make it far ! We'll be rooting for you and looking forward to more content 😀

  2. Bro clicks the clock with his other hand💀🤡

  3. There's actually no way hes 1200. I've seen 800s play better.

  4. I can't figure out why is 2700+ elo player blundered his pieces.

  5. Sorry but he can’t be 1200 otb or online no way

  6. I am 700-800 Elo and my opponents almost always play better than him of 1200 Elo

  7. Robert Gago Americans: oh normal name Filipinos: tf you say to me?

  8. Oh come on he is definitely not 1200

  9. there will be random 2000 rated indians on the sidewalk

  10. you missed an oppurtnity to win the queen and the board was setup wrong white is suppost to start on the 1-2 file not the 7-8 file

  11. At 6:33 couldn't you have taken the pawn at e5 giving a discovered check and then taking his queen?

  12. bro the board is having "A" on the right it should be in left side

  13. If he's a 1200 i'm gm hikaru nakamura lmfao

  14. i would like to know how these people are "rated". is it USCF? because if so then i can believe it, i dont think a single person there was over 800 genuinely

  15. i rlly love this kind of content. you made my day

  16. Joined chess club and they had me sign up for a tournament im like 350 elo lol

  17. bruh the highschool international master is HIM

  18. Maybe i should start listening to chess asmr

  19. are we overlooking the fact the first opponent is literally called him

  20. @ruder_dk
    6:34 – in this part, if you take the phon at e5 with horse it will be check and if he moves the queen or the king you can eat the queen at f7, d7, or e6.

  21. his reaction to hearing "your black" caught me off guard XD

  22. Bro they should talk less… It's a chess tournament.

  23. 6:33 could have moved the knight to e6 instead of taking the rook.that could have been a free queen

  24. Didn’t he have mate in one? After queen check on back rank?🤣

  25. Yo I'm 11 and my elo is 1472

  26. 1200 guy needs to learn how to play against Italian and ideas

  27. A top 3 in their school? You must be trippin

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