I Made a Mistake in the Chess Tournament.

I made a classic mistake before the first round of this tournament. This shows just how long it has been!

Followed was probably the craziest round of my life for things that happened pitside my game in the tournament room.

I hope you enjoy this thourough analysis of this incredibly complciated chess game that exhibited all facets of the game: Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame.

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  1. hi everyone, i just want to say thank you for all the support. The next games are wild. love you.

  2. Germany chess players are very strong won't be an easy competition

  3. Omg I guest 1650. Daaaaaamn. Btw good game

  4. Yo what's the name of the tournament?

  5. you are in my home town right now, I hope you enjoy it and good luck in your tournament!

  6. Ok you made a mistake we can't listen to you anymore we must unsubscribe.

  7. Did you apologize to the guy for non-fair-play behavior during the game?

  8. Fide 1600 played like this 🤔😮🎉

  9. Damn, when it comes to tournaments, you're such a munster

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