I Made Chess History In The Biggest Tournament

This is the greatest tournament match win of All Time


  1. I still can’t believe Charlie did a chess finals speed run

  2. 2:31
    In 24 short seconds, Charlie thanked his mentor, gave a play-by-play of the game, claimed it must be a world record, thanked his viewers, gave a short but accurate description of his nether regions, and inquired so as to the mood of his opponent’s fans.

    What a legend.

  3. "We didn't even reach a climax." Oh, I'm pretty sure Charlie climaxed.

  4. as someone who's an absolute rookie to chess can someone explain why his king can't move on a right angle to get out the queen? I thought they could move in any angle one square

  5. Alexandra: Its too soon…We havent even reached a climax
    Meanwhile in the background Charlie is currently cumming so hard its like hes bringing the flood from Noah's Ark

  6. Okay… yes Daniel Nariditsky is indeed a prophet. The man said "If he takes your knight then you get him with a nice scholar's mate, though if he knows what he's doing and plays bishop then it's a slight inaccuracy… but why don't you risk it anyway?" Bruh there is no reason why he should've beyond "it's funny and it might just work"

  7. Can’t believe its been 2 years since this monumental moment in history took place

  8. This is a long shot, but does anyone happen to know which video after this something occurred in? Charlie was doing something unrelated to chess, I think he was reading a book title, and he accidentally read it as "How to finger her and get her excited for chess" instead of "excited for sex"? I think about that quote all the time still and I can't remember which vid it was in

  9. Aren't we not gonna talk about how danya predicted it so well

  10. In xqc’s defence, he played fairly well considering his opponent was jesus.

  11. “It’s too soon Hikaru, we haven’t even reached a climax yet”

  12. Charlie: "Chess was there back when jesus christ was around"

    Interesting. Didn't know chess was as old as charlie

  13. 2:00
    Alexandra: "We didn't even reach a climax"
    One second later
    *Charlie Climaxes*

  14. I was looking at random videos then got into chess and moist then realized it was in jun 9th lol

  15. hikaru did not like that one, he is stone faced

  16. Charles White now has two holidays, Christmas and Checkmate Day

  17. The waffle house has found it's new host and its u

  18. fun fact, theres an even QUICKER checkmate called "fool's mate"
    only black can do it
    you can win in two turns.

    here's how it works:
    white plays g4
    black plays e5 (or e6)
    white plays f3 (or f4)
    black plays Qh4#, and black is mated

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