I Played CRAZY GAMBITS at a Local Chess Tournament

In this video, I share 3 chess games from a recent rapid chess tournament I played at the St. Louis Chess Club. All the games featured were less than 20 moves and featured some exciting gambits and opening traps. Stay tuned for the next video in which I’ll recap my final round game against the top-seeded grandmaster.
0:00 I played a local chess tournament!
0:44 Naselwaus Gambit vs 1400
5:02 Falkbeer Counter Gambit vs 1700
13:37 Jobava London Gambit vs 1800

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  1. Eric I love that you wanted to make your first opponent feel better after the game, that's very classy and generous. Most of us at that level would be proud to last 11 moves 😀 😀 😀

  2. “Always the hope of a mouse slip” in OTB?😅

  3. 2nd game opening is like a great Morphy game vs Schulten in the 1850s. Really cool

  4. 22:40 queen is the only piece so bad at attacking it actually defends a knight

  5. i liked your channel years ago yet did not subscribe. but yesterday i finally did and it's worth it!

  6. Such a nice line down the middle in the end of that thirds game, it's like teamwork connect 8!!!

  7. 5:25 it is possible to get a stafford after Nf6 Nf3 Bc5 Nxe5 Nc6 Nxc6 dxc6. However it is unlikely

  8. The Ginger GM would be proud of your Jobava gambit line.

  9. At 19:30 Ben Finegold showed the same motif in one of his videos. I don't remember whether it was the same position or not, but the idea of distracting the Queen with tempo by playing b4 in order to fork on c7 is the same.

  10. I like the subtle mentions of how much of a Chad everyone considered you were, Eric.

  11. Eric evaluating positions: "White's almost got a pawn cube"

  12. Even end credits scenes these days on Eric Rosen vedios😂👍

  13. To the joker, these are just normal gambits

  14. does anyone know a place to donate $25 that isnt paypal? Also I want to propose a challenge to him and I'll send him $100 but idk if he reads his business email.

  15. Does this community ever read and reply to comments or no?

  16. oh i have got to try this naselwaus gambit. OTB that must be even more of a onosecond.

  17. Bro are you on mushrooms like consistently?

  18. Eric is good for those circus gambit and clown variations too see real chess watch Hikaru or Carlsen

  19. Is this a cliff hanger for the last game vs the GM?

  20. Nice Video and nice Editing @Jonathan Schrantz! I like your content as well:D

  21. for u the magician yes of course there are chances for us none

  22. it's been five days and two uploads, still no part 2 of this 🙁

  23. double pin plus a pork is a porcupine! a prickly position, to say the least.

  24. In Rd 2 you could have played 11…Qxf4, since even though your knight is hanging, Qxf3 is threatened due to the pinned B.

  25. The end of the video makes me laugh at loud

  26. A pin-fork? We should call a fork-pin combo like this a forkupine, I suppose, given the sheer amount of pins the opponents can hurt themselves on.

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