I Played The BONGCLOUD at an OTB Chess Tournament… Here’s What Happened

The Bongcloud is often considered the worst opening in the game of chess, yet it has been popularized by chess masters Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura in online tournaments. But what happens when you try to play this opening in an official over-the-board chess tournament?

In this video, join me as I take on the challenge of playing the Bongcloud in a blitz tournament. I’ll go over two games I played and the tactics I used to attempt to demolish my opponents with this atrocious opening. You’ll see the reactions of my opponents as I make my moves and try to pull off a victory with the Bongcloud.

Get ready to witness a daring and entertaining experiment in chess. Will I be able to succeed with the Bongcloud in an official tournament setting? Tune in to find out!


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0:00 – INTRO
0:38 – GAME 1
5:08 – GAME 2

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  1. you got balls man fr. i would be too scared to play bongcloud in a tournament

  2. Bro I have a doubt is there any problem to push your elo in bullet and not focusing on others like blitz and rapid please reply I am waiting for you reply

  3. bro i just realized that i literly play better than him

  4. I like how almost every move was a mistake or inaccuracy

  5. You're in my friend list guess who I am🤪

  6. Bobby Fisher became most populair in this system

  7. Moral of the story: Rey can still crush with meme openings :]

  8. One of the best intros to a chess yt video I've ever seen 🔥😍

  9. Entertaining, educational, and completely unique content… what more can you ask from this underrated Youtuber?👏🏽

  10. this man has to be the most underrated chess youtuber on the platform

  11. You helped me with that 0 to 1700 elo video, which has more than 100 thousand views and you still has less than 2 thousand… Something that I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND, YOUR CONTENT IS JUST AMAZING! I KNOWN YOU WILL GROWN RIGHT AWAY IF YOU KEEP THE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! THANK YOU, REALLY!

  12. Opponent sets up pieces wrong, Bong cloud time 😅

  13. Bro plays Bongcloud.

    Red headed Chad: So you have chosen, Death.

  14. You are underrated man! You deserve 1 million subs! When you are famous remember me!

  15. How do you have more inaccuracies than me😂😂

  16. Lovin this video to the fullest, it made my day

  17. Lmao I’m playing in my first OTB tournament in two days and was feeling nervous but after seeing this it makes me feel a lot better. I’m rated 1480 rapid and 1275 blitz but will be playing in U1000 section since I’m still unrated in USCF.

  18. the start was making me laugh so hard the opponent was like so confused😂😂😂😂

  19. at 4:28 i heard the game over/ended noise and i had to alt tab bc my heart dropped thinking i accidently queued a game and lots some elo XD

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