I threw the world’s biggest Chess tournament.

[Streamed Live on August 27th, 2022]

In this VOD, Ludwig hosted a streamer chess tournament.

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0:00 Talking with chat
22:10 Chess tournament

Original VOD:

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  1. So trippy watching Lud before he was goated at chess 😅

  2. I really hate there 3 hrs video, o wish you would edit them into like 30 or 40 min videos

  3. Do you think he will post the vod of that stream??

  4. I would really appreciate a vod of the next one, with the last part of it left out. The rounds were very entertaining to watch live with GC commentary, it would be a shame to never see them again because of some sick joke. I'm sorry Ludwig had to go through it, and I'm looking forwards to the rest of the competition!

  5. 1:25:17 "I think Rae is playing well"
    she is literally completely lost , just hung a pawn for no reason and hung the queen😂

  6. it is funny how ludwig talks like he is some chess genius. and not right though

  7. Chat not understanding how best of two works is so annoying. They don’t understand the point system.
    Win= +1
    Draw= +.5
    So if you win the first game you are up +1 and if you draw game 2, you are now 1.5 and your opponent is now .5
    So you win because you’re up in points.
    And if you were to lose game 2 instead of drawing you and your opponent are tied at 1 so you play until one of you wins.
    The games are best of two and not best of three because if you guys happen to draw game 3, it’s sudden death. Calling it best of two is the correct terminology.

  8. Would have been more entertaining to have a chess player commentate with ludwig. Half the time ludwig has no clue what he is talking about, and it's just a slugfest where no one knows what's going on

  9. wait, I thought round robin didn't have a "tie breaker" round? You only play two games, and you get as many points as you get.

  10. Thst missed rook checkmate almost made me throw my laptop

  11. Kinda surprised I lasted this long against toast – valkyrae (2022)

  12. It's funny because most of the suggestions that Ludwig makes are some of the most obvioius blunders. Gotta love 1200 level chess

  13. I only disliked cause I don't want to be recommended vods, love yo shit lud

  14. Love the idea but maybe having Gotham chess commentating would have been much more entertaining

  15. Im here to valkayrie play like a G. Not a Gm.

  16. how has ludwig become so bad at chess? he cant spot easy best moves and doesnt see checkmates

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