I Trained Like A Chess Grandmaster

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Want to get into chess? Check out everyone featured in the video:
Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) ►
Anna Rudolf (Anna_Chess) ►
Anna Cramling ►
Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) ►
Alexandra and Andrea Botez (BotezLive) ►

Special thanks to Danny Rensch and Chess.com for making this episode possible!

Directed by Garrett Kennell ► ​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► ​
Director of Photography – Eric Lombart
Camera Operator – Nate Cornett
Assistant Editor – Madeline Puzzo ► ​
Castlemania Merch Designs – Derek Rudy ►


  1. Blud really checkmated her while blindfolded💀

  2. The real name is actually called 7th heaven

  3. Levy disrespected Michelle by scholars mating blindfolded and Michelle is fine with it lol

  4. "Never play chess while tilted"
    – A wise man

  5. I actually learned the london from this video

  6. 29:03 Don't do that!
    I was literally like "SHOOT DISCORD CALL WHAT DID I MISS AGAIN?"

  7. I started chess 6 months ago now my rating is 1217

  8. Hikaru said “Castle Mania” in one of his recent streams. Michelle, you have impacted the chess ♟ world!!

  9. what chess board was she using? link?

  10. This is really high quality production though. I almost forgot that I'm watching a YouTube channel and not a television documentary.

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