I Was Forced To Play MY SISTER in a Chess Tournament

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  1. It is refreshing to see two unbiased commentators. Hammer & Dina were the dynamic duo during the tournament and chicken salad conversation 🧀 🔨

  2. Dina was so incredibly cringe. She made the stream painful to watch.

  3. Really fun tournament. I enjoy Hammer and Dina commentary they're great together. Congratulations to Alexandra for the tournament win and congratulations to Andrea for a great tournament as well. It will be interesting to see if they do indeed go to Norway.

  4. I'm pretty sure that Hammer won the commentator trash talk game.

  5. Could a swore I saw one of you in Asheville recently.

  6. The odd couple factor of Dina and Hammer commentating is honestly gold. Made the video a lot of fun to watch xD

  7. I am extremely surprised that earbuds are allowed in tournaments … Interesting….

  8. 10:50
    dina dina dina
    what are you saying ???
    "slow" and "ferrari" do not belong in the same sentence

  9. Any updates on the enigma that is Dario Di Dario ?

  10. Great sibling rivalry 😂😂. Keep it up!!!

    Andrea: keep your spirits up, you don’t need Stanford to be a better chess player 😅. Plus, Dina needs you to ride your beautiful Ferrari more skillfully 😅

  11. If andrea looses she can always pull out her boxing skills and beat Alex, irl! D:<

  12. Who am I rooting for!? I love this duo too much….

  13. I was waiting for the "I kneww your little gremlin hands couldn't resist that sacrifice" from the Live stream 😂

  14. The poster pf the kid is me watching this

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