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  1. Levy: "Are you 1700-1800?"
    Random woman: "How did you know"


  2. Levy just bullying local casual players 👍

  3. But did Levy drink one adult beverage during gameplay?

  4. Could he have sacked in 8:07
    Rook takes knight wich if he takes its a fork

  5. what's the song in the background of the first game?

  6. You're waaaayyyy to proud of beating up on people 1,000 points below you

  7. Levy beating random drunk people with 3 digit ELO in some Toronto pub 🙂

  8. Congratulations levy, 20-0 is just impressive, clearly you have all the potential and talent to be a GM❤🎉🎉

  9. "I am a demon" – just started watching but it makes me so happy to hear Gotham speak with such confidence. You are a quite fine, even spectacular, chess player. Comparing yourself to Magnus and Hikaru always felt like you were unfairly beating yourself up :). Look forward to this series!

  10. "Alright let's see these endgame skills."

    "Oh no, there is none, I just wanna say that I got there and then people can infer." 😂

  11. first guy played really well, until he crumbled and blundered a pawn and an exchange… understandable, prolly a lot of pressure playing levy, he did well keeping the game equal for a while

  12. Listen to me levy do not listen to hate comments i have watched you for years and I really think you can be grandmaster

  13. Really like this chill type of chess video. Keep up the great work

  14. I believe in you ❤ in a few years I can say that I followed Levy before he was a GM 😁

  15. "You're like 17-1800 right?"
    "how d'you know?"
    "I invented this game"

  16. That's fun when your opponnent touch piece but moves another one. (that's illegal in chess tournaments)

  17. levy beats up on a 1400 and that's what inspires him to become a GM 😆😆

  18. Magnus stopped playing tournaments and my boy decided he is gonna go on and do it himself. Good shit man 😀

  19. Is this the new "Levy Effect" on the unsuspecting Gotham Chess opponents? hahahahaha, brilliant

  20. I love your content but this is boring and the background noise is annoying

  21. Levy´s run was so good Kramnik started doing "The Procedure"

  22. For the next games, it would be good to be able to watch the clock 😅

  23. This is Part 1 of 3 of my chess tournament that I won in Toronto in April 2024. Parts 2 and 3 coming soon, stay tuned.

    It inspired me to start back the Road to GM series.

    BONUS videos and FULL GAME REVIEW on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gothamchessofficial

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