I Won The Biggest Chess Tournament

This is the greatest tournament victory of All Time


  1. Lmao he wins a chess tournament but cant figure out a chess puzzle in little nightmares

  2. Bro the first guy could’ve taken with rook and Then forked with bishop winning the rook and possibly a bishop

  3. the count of Monte crisco (official) says:

    charlie is like the Happy Gilmore of chess.

  4. My man: one move away from winning
    Other person: how about a draw

  5. The holy trinity the father the moist and the daniel naroditsky

  6. Hes really following in the footsteps of lelouch

  7. 11:48 im not a dream smp hyperfan but that sounded exactly like karl jacobs

  8. Couldn’t stop laughing at your comments 💀

  9. Just to put it out there.I've never seen Charles give a heart to a comment.does he even check his comments?

  10. Bobby Fischer was an amazing chess player.

    Turns out he was a holocaust denier too.

  11. how did he win the entire tournament? they where in the same bracket

  12. Weird to come back to this to see both Sliker and Erobb here with the current mess going on

  13. This is crazy coming back post sliker being exposed for the 200k gambling scam

  14. wierd hearing slicker after his scamming came out

  15. "I'll see you soon Ludwig in the finals!"

  16. how can you even do this in a legit way which avoids obvious cheating especially when you can just talk to "chat"

  17. Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness says:

    the world's most vulgar chess champion

  18. 0:30 is so relatable though, I'll be playing vs a friend and be like, "this is a safe move, surely he won't–" and then he does, and I'm just sitting there, going "am I… losing?"

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