I won the chess tournament out of 1k players using only my opening against all other openings

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  1. 2300 points master vs me https://youtube.com/shorts/b3lg-EV7my0?feature=shareOpponent with 2016 points vs my defence https://youtube.com/shorts/1t90FQvXRXw?feature=share1939 ranked opponent vs Me https://youtube.com/shorts/paL9FojoXQo?feature=share 1844 points opponent vs Me https://youtube.com/shorts/5GnU9N1FAxs?feature=shareWith this opening I beat Chess.com’s most powerful bot very quick https://youtube.com/shorts/O60Vq6M0F70?feature=share2secws vs 13 secs https://youtube.com/shorts/KLCNby17RME?feature=share

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