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  1. Voiceover is great loved it as soon as it started. More than that, continue to experiment!

  2. voiceover was amazing!! love the video

  3. Loving the voice over. Great work on the video, and great work on the board!

  4. i suck at chess bro
    anyways nice content

  5. Levy never fails to milk GothamChess 💀

  6. Hey Levi what part of Ukraine did you exactly imigrate from

  7. Hi GothamChess I recently purchased your book after following your channel for more than a year. I am at ELO 1100 in rapid and want to increase it to 1500, I am hoping your book will help me reach that milestone. I read couple of openings and chapters so was wondering if you can make a video or something on how to use your book to gain maximum benefits, for a noob player like myself I am not sure how many matches should I play after learning a particular opening. Should I play with myself before playing because I am not a chess player or anything, this is just my one of the goals for this year. OR is there a minimum number of games I should be practicing for one opening before going to other or any other way…

  8. Very nice content, loved the voice over

  9. Respect for the dude in the back wearing the Palestinian scarf

  10. Voiceover is Good It makes us more invested

  11. If I go for a walk around the board with my king, will I spaz out

  12. 17:37 new player here, super fun to watch but I must be missing something obvious here – how is this a checkmate exactly? Can't the rook take queen then block the bishop?

  13. Yeah, I’ll watch this with a voiceover. I can’t say the same for the old one with no voiceover.

  14. I love old, muscular, oiled, horny, black, gay men with Schlongs twice the size of drakes snake.

  15. This is a really good video, possibly my favourite gotham chess video ever behind stockfish vs mittens. I’m not anywhere near as good as you at this stuff, and the ambience, set up of the camera and the softness of your voice was honestly great to just chill and watch a bit of chess (which i really enjoyed). However there was, as you noticed yourself saying “i don’t really know what to say here” and getting a bit caught up trying to think of something to say, maybe a little too much talking. i think it would’ve been a nice touch if you had simply ended your sentence with a smooth cut to just listening to the ambience and looking at the game. And then once the move is made, you can come back in with some explination. Just a suggestion, you probably won’t even see this lol

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