Ian Nepomniachtchi beats Ding Liren! | Round 10

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. at 3:26 he said "sportschool" in a Dutch way… super surprising to hear that :O

  2. Ding is mentally broken…. the weakest world champion ever. Nevetheless I am happy for Nepo he has been playing consistently and getting good results despite losing WC with NO EXCUSES

  3. dont think Ding is physically well..his game is weak

  4. Would be great to show the board and the moves when he says long lines, like at 1:24
    We are not GM who just finished the game, so we can't imagine it just like that

  5. pretty disappointing to see so many people dismiss ding over a bad tournament. ding absolutely worked his ass off last year, not to mention the marathon battle in the wc finals, so i wouldn't be surprised if he over exhausted himself and fell ill from burnout and stress. yet even despite all of that, he still managed to beat gukesh, who's leading at the moment. but if you go by what everyone's saying, you'd think he lost all of his matches.

  6. Если я когда-нибудь что-нибудь выйграю и у меня будут брать интервью, вы услышите просто превосходный русский или божественно плохой английский.

  7. Hi please keep a digital board for beginners like us to follow

  8. Sorry to say but Ding Liren is the weakest champion in around a century. No dominance. Everyone's beating him

  9. This IS answere from true GM. General question and he talks concrete lines

  10. Idk why Ian can't keep eye contact with the interviewer. Also the interviewer doesn't seem much happy with the results lol😂😂

  11. Huge respect to Nepo for being modest, wise and professional.

  12. The breast of the journalist are much better than the chess skills of Nepomnyatchi

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