Ian Nepomniachtchi Knows It’s A RESIGN TIME #shorts #chess #fidecandidates

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  1. Ian was like "Yo, this guy blundered?, sheesh"

  2. Like a kid on chessboard, not a man, so disrespectful for opponent.

  3. If Ian stares at you,better resign 😅

  4. Nepo’s expressions are funny af😂😂

  5. Ian does so much hardwork in candidates just to lose in world championship match

  6. I feel so bad for vidit, he gave up a completely winning position 2 times

  7. Ian makes faces as if he was rooting for vidit and is shocked in vidits behalf😂

  8. I think there's a button behind his head labelled "STARE"

  9. Notice how Nepo snackin' on sumthin all the time lol

  10. If anytime your opponent blunderd like this , make that expression ( opponent resigned right away ) 😂😂

  11. Talk about disrespect: masticating at the board!

  12. Ian was like: ohhhh man u fucked up

  13. Every game of vidit is Soo close but then he messed up with one move he could've lead the candidates Right now

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