ANNOUNCEMENT – I’m playing in the european team chess championship and representing my country Sweden! The tournament is 9 rounds long and this is the recap of my first round. My goal is to get a WIM norm this tournament – let’s see if I can do it!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. ?Nice win! Congratulations!
    At 4:45, why not use Bd3 to take the pawn on H7? If the Nf6 then captures, then the Bg5 captures the queen. If Nf6 doesn't capture, then the king has to move to h8, and you can either leave the B on h7, or withdraw it, leaving the hole on h7.

  2. With a headline like "I'm Competing In Chess Again," the question becomes "Why did you stop in the first place?" Just wondering.

  3. Diana DelMonte / Compassion for All Beings says:

    My rating is so low, so forgive me if this question is stupid…but why did you win the game? She can move her King to e5, no?

  4. Great tournament, you are amazing!👌

  5. Congratulations with the win Anna, great content as always!🚀💯

  6. Felicidades! Por qué escogiste Suecia y no España? Saludos!

  7. I think your dad would have been proud of you if you were playing checkers. Such a wonderful family!

  8. You have a nice entchanting voice!
    I lost my game vs. Gerard Groenewoudt at the club tonight but this comforts me. It must be great to have parents who play chess. I cannot say that. Gerard deployed the Aljechin defense, I won a pawn, made a dubieus Queen move, lost a pawn won an exchange but got Check mated on move 20.
    Je kan niet alles winnen!

  9. Love your ethusiasm and your views on competing. You celebrate a win, and learn from a loss.

  10. Time to binge this whole journey i was waiting for these videos to stack up im excited

  11. I know your deep into the Tournament, but I just found this tread today, Wishing you the Very Best of luck in the coming days.

  12. Hate the fact current GMs can't prepare and use computers, they are missing out, albeit it's a time thingy.

  13. You seem to be developing a better sense of "whole board" vision, which is the ability to keep yourself from being overly focused on one particular area of the board.

  14. Step 1. Watch her chess videos
    Step 2. ………
    Step 3. Marry her

    I need help guys 😂

  15. I suspect what you did and didn't do. Good one.

  16. Yay! Nicely played. Great vid as well, double win👏👏

  17. as an 1800-1900ish player, I thought you were lost until you found QB4. Lots of missed opportunities for both sides…time pressure no doubt. Thank you for the analysis as to why the engine was moving the bar back and forth so much. Congrats.

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