imagine training your whole life to become a GM then you face Magnus with the weirdest opening

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Magnus Carlsen – GM Demidov Mikhail
Game Result 1 – 0
Blitz Game on lichess
The time control is 3 minutes for all moves, with no increment
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. Proper Traditional Norwegian Bongcloud Opening

  2. Bro really did the walls of Jericho opening

  3. Bro took manually castle to a whole another level

  4. Lol I knew it was coming but I wish titles wouldn't refer to Magnus trolling for 6 moves as "an opening".

  5. I came here to learn opening theory. Noted it down.

  6. Im Super new to chess but regardless, I have never seen such an interesting game!

  7. SO funny how Magnus Peons (aka "friends" or whatever those unknown ppl are) make fun of his opponent despite they know a shit or are a shit. Hilarious! They think they are someone because a chess player spares some time with those nobodies. @Magnus: Whey are false friends. You are their only meaningful thing in their lives. LOL! So funny :'D

  8. I am so happy that the best chess player in the history of the world is just hanging out on the internet shitting on random GM's. Clearly this is what the internet was made for.

  9. This is a king who leads his pieces into war not hiding behind some castle with solid rocks! God save the king 🫡

  10. I am now convinced that speed chess is the fastest way to become a bad chess player.

  11. You shouldn't be training for your whole life to be a GM. If you "train" for a significant amount of time and aren't one, you'll never be one.

  12. And he sacrificed the GeeeeeeeeeEM…

  13. I'm even more convince that Bobby Fischer definitely will love Magnus

  14. 2:44 Bro's the one who get to decide if the game will get complicated or not.

  15. There are a few things people often overlook with regards to the opening:
    1) psychological impact: The absurdity and disrespectfulness of the opening can potentially tilt you opponent
    2) While this is objectively a terrible opening, black can be lured into either overextending their position (similar to the idea behind the Alekhine defense), or attacking prematurely.
    3) While it's putting you at a disadvantage in terms of development, chess players are used to the king and queen being on E and D files respectively…by switching the two pieces, you've fundamentally altered the normal orientation of the game…similar to why boxers often struggle when they compete against southpaws…

  16. It's a bold move Cotton let's see if it works out for them…

  17. Александр Дмитриевич says:

    Вот бы еще была ссылка на эту партию

  18. He is a Fuckin' Trickster, love him 😀

  19. Levy has some insane things to say about this, and it is hilarious.

  20. Trust me disrespectful is not suitable word here, Magnus took it too far 😅

  21. GMs: Trained hard all their lives and gained experiences through games
    Magnus Carlsen: Nah bro the king goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. magnus has no respect for their opponent…..such a god level player

  23. At 4:00 in the vid. Why didn’t he put knight on d4 to attack the king and then have attack on queen too? If rook takes knight the u get a rook as well.

  24. He had a mate in just 2 moves, he chose instead to play with opponent.

  25. If I were black I would start an immediate attack on the king (or I would take the rest of White’s army)

  26. He needed to check his tinder to find mating opportunities

  27. Magnus: at a critical moment in the game
    His entourage: I havent eaten spaghetti in like…. a week
    Magnus: 😀

  28. Morale of the story: don’t ever stop magnus from moving his king around

  29. Chess would be infinitely more fun if the pieces had stats like Fire Emblem.

  30. This was like watching the QB running backwards to the other goal line and the running down the field and scoring.

  31. 3:14 "Hopefully he's getting nervous", but on the surface, he looks calm and ready…

  32. "I'm just trying to protect all my stuff"😂

  33. They were sitting there making Lose Yourself Eminem references while bullying a GM 😭

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