INCREDIBLE Back and Forth Match! | Ding & Nepomniachtchi In Game 7! | FIDE World Championship – 2023

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi will face world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. For me none of them look like a world champion. They couldn’t have survived if Magnus or Hikaro were here. Pathetic display of game.

  2. dunno if im watching chess or ping pong

  3. Ding froze when he realized he was winning and couldn’t find the winning line.

  4. It is pretty evident from this championship that chess journalism needs to step up big time. Asking twitter questions (really stupid ones) during such a prestigious tournament is ridiculous, and given the way this match ended makes this situation a whole lot worse. Pls do better

  5. I’ve been supporting Ian for this championship but Ding has gained so much respect from me throughout this tournament. I really hope Ding recovers from this, a loss like this is absolutely devastating. What a tournament this has been so far!

  6. Kinda glad Magnus decided not to defend his title so now we have these insane plays!

  7. I would not worry if i lost …because everyone on earth knows that who ever wins …will always lose to Magnus …ergo this is all pointless

  8. Love this WCC, the best WCC period. Both players are amazing. I want Nepo to win because i like his playing style. Also all comentators are great, Giri is amazing, Daniel is good as well and of course I like Tania, she is hot af

  9. Is this the worst – most mistakes WC ever? No offense ofc.

  10. : Was rooting for din all through this
    It's heartbreaking

  11. Ian talked too much. I rather he said asked me another time

  12. Ding is a 2800 but doesn’t know the word “spontaneous”, I think I have my chances.

  13. I remember someone saying Ian could be one of the best major piece endgame players

  14. The match is a real fun. Ding Liren is Jim Carrey and Nepo is Jeff Daniels.

  15. ding D: broke my heart. incredible game

  16. Man, it's heart-breaking to see someone lose in that manner. Having prepared well, doing fine till most part of the game and then totally falling apart. I'm sure Ding is a master calculator of the game and perhaps he went overboard with it, given the time constraint. It was difficult watching him towards the end as I could relate to it with my own past experiences, not in chess though.

    There was this debate contest in which I was one of the speakers. It was my first debate. I had excessively prepared all sorts of rebuttal questions permuting all that could be asked of me. I remember feeling overwhelmed walking onto the stage and then in the midst of my oratory, I forgot the pointers from my brief and then I literally just froze for like complete 30 seconds. I somehow completed my part but it was like a volley of one forced error after another. Really sub-par. Interestingly, when the arguments were submitted, the judge said that I had the best brief of all the contestants. But obviously, I didn't win.

    During desperate times, instead of doubling our efforts, sometimes we tend to mellow down. And that is bad. When we admit defeat from within, no outside help can make a difference. When I was studying at the university, I was under-prepared for an upcoming exam and instead of doubling my efforts, I mellowed down. And thus, what would have been a rational choice i.e. to study just the important topics, I abandoned the preparation altogether just before the day of the exam and chose recreation instead; to take my mind off of that impending stressful event. I liked when Anish said, "when your brain is frozen, it will find ways to make a bad move even if it's not apparent on the board." In life and in chess, it's more important to make a move rather than to make it only when it's a brilliant one. Because you never know even if you make a poor move, your opponent could commit a bigger blunder. It was highly unlikely in today's game yet there was a probability, however slim. But when you don't make a move at all, that probability goes to a definite 0. When I went to take that exam the next day, I couldn't forgive myself for days when I realised how easy the questions were and even with a little bit of preparation, I could've done fairly well.

    Ding seems to be a gentle person still trying to work around his nerves maybe that's why he'll receive even more sympathies for today but at the end of the day it is a contest, and a major one at that. So there are no brownie points for demeanour. Also, credits to Nepo for not messing up in a game which offered plethora of lines to be explored though he's lucky sometimes that his impulsive moves go unpunished.

    Last but not the least, thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome commentary by the trio!

  17. I don't know Ding, obviously. But wow, that was tough to watch. His genius brain betrayed him in that moment. Perhaps brain fatigue. It just sucks. Dust it off, and on to the next.

  18. Poor man. He had a little internal breakdown there. I can't imagine how horrible the tension must be. He's a human being after all.

  19. I froze him, like Elsa. – Ian "Stylebender" Nepo


  21. Tania is extremely annoying. Just talking for the sake of talking.

  22. I really like the moment when Ding said “It’s chilling time” and chilled all over the place. Truly one of the moments ever

  23. I don't think Ding is doing himself a favor by playing these openings that he usually doesn't play. Sure, both times (h3 and the French today) he actually got a decent middle game position, and technically only lost the game later. But that neglects the psychological aspect of constantly feeling unfamiliar with the position, taking extra time for thinking in the opening and early middle game, and misevaluating certain positions, as became apparent in the press conference. In short, his brain wastes energy and that eventually causes him to make mistakes later on (or to completely break down like today), even though it initially seems like the opening worked out for him.

  24. We need time stamps on the moves being played.

  25. Also, Ding's comment at the press conference was very revealing: When asked about his playing style, he said he basically doesn't know anymore. That's a bad state to be in, because in order to win, you need to feel confident in what you're doing. That's a clear sign he should stick with openings that he knows better, and just trust that he will be able to outsmart Ian later on.

  26. Please don't post spoilers in the title of the stream!!!!!!

  27. Ding got frozen today, unfortunately at the chess board in a chess championship.

  28. Ding lost on time? I hate the time limits

  29. The commentary by Tania, Anish and Daniel is simply fantastic! Great work everyone and thanks a lot!!👍👍❤

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