India no.1 Gukesh vs World no.1 Magnus Carlsen | FIDE World Cup 2023 | Commentary by Sagar Shah

It promised to be a mouth watering duel where the current world no.1 and the best player on the planet took on the rising star and India no.1, the 17-year-old D. Gukesh. It happened at the Quarter Finals of the FIDE World Cup 2023. Gukesh had the white pieces in the first classical game. Check out this amazing battle with commentary by IM Sagar Shah to check who came out on top.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 0:17 "one of the best in the world"!
    Leftists just can't say "the best". They always say "one of the best".
    Even when talking about the G.O.A.T.
    What do you need to do to be called the best? Being number 1 for 10 years is not enough? Damn!

  2. 15:00 here black will obviously go bxc4 first then take g2. white will not even have doubled pawns but only one b pawn. gukesh would have never gone for that unless he knew it was a theoretical draw

  3. Wow Gukesh played well for like 50 moves till the end game where he made those two or three errors in not finding the draw.

  4. Why are the players leaving? Do they play another game in the same time?

  5. The end game challenge to Magnus has been started off by Gukesh. This is just the start, Guki is going to sooner or later going to kill Magnus in his game. All he needs is time and he said it before that he is preparing now for the end game. 🎉

  6. Magnus adjusting the pieces after time start ticking is some flex..!!

  7. I like watching how the two chess players talk to each other analyzing the game after it ends

  8. Both are the best but Magnus showed his vintage form

  9. arrogant magnuts is washed….very lucky to even be this far….and his antics of disrespecting his opponents and the game are bad for chess and these commentators should begin calling him out on it…

  10. Hi i m new to chess, what are they writing down?

  11. not "one of the best" but, the absolute proven best period!

  12. The commentator is better than all of these chess players themselves 😂.

  13. Stop narrating..just show us how they played…

  14. Magnus doing Magnus. Still, kudos to Gukesh for playing on a high level at such age.

  15. I am new to chess and I want to know why they taking notes right after each move, could anyone explain?

  16. Liren ding also struggles against magnus, more power to gukesh i hope in future hw will win

  17. Bhai itna commentry krke sikhata h …yek kr kro app hi jaker World Cup fide jeer lo nah. 😂 Yaha pe Gyan Dene ki kya jarurat h 😢

  18. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    good game magnus is really abeast in the ends Gukesh is also good player

  19. Sagar mc watches these matches before recording the commentary lol

  20. King movement wrong..& also Rook . Should not allow the opponent King and not pushing the pon…

  21. Sagar's narration could be a Python skit. That's praise!

  22. Rook endings can make greatest of the great slip up! No shame, only a computer can save such positions against Magnus Carlsen!

  23. This kid is in defensive he should have in attacking mode..

  24. Gukesh clearly has a lot of respect for magnus, an clearly looks up to him for advice. Magnus wins this an moves on easily! You cannot finesse the best ever with his own strategies!

  25. One minute of silence to these curry indians who were having high hopes on gukesh 😂😂

  26. I hate how Magnus looks now, looks much older💔

  27. The way you explained and appreciated Magnus's "quiet-yet-brilliant" move at to retreat the king to avoid the bishop check, was the highlight for me. Thank you for that, your love and appreciation for the game comes through and your commentary just takes the enjoyment of the game to the next level. Looking forward to more from you!

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