INSANE First Tournament Round…

This is the recap of round 1 in Reykjavik Open, a chess tournament I’m playing in Iceland right now 🙂 Leave a like and drop a comment down below if you enjoyed the video!

See The Game Here:

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  1. Stay lose Anna. Wishing you the best, for Victory. Your more than qualified to be participating in this tournament!!😊

  2. Yay, after a few minutes of thought I found the tactic. At first I was going to move [SPOILER] Rf3 and hoping for e pawn to capture, and then capture that with my e pawn, leading to Qg2+. But of course it isn't forced. Umm but he doesn't take, I can move Rxg3+, f pawn takes, Qxg3+, doesn't this lead to a draw?

    I don't usually write notation, oh boy I made so many mistakes already. I hope it is correct now.

  3. Anna you're looking even more beautiful in the dim light

  4. The white queen’ was really annoying!

  5. Why you talk a lottttttt????!!!! Just make it simple
    You are a good player if you just talk less , I always watch videos without sound

  6. your attitude is so admirable. graceful, positive. what a rolemodel 🙂

  7. you can trap his queen on the 10 th minute

  8. if you get to world number 1, i get to snuggle you 🤣😂😻

  9. Upon seeing him, I quickly deduced that he was Greek. However, my initial theory was shattered when it was revealed that he arrived in a Tesla.

  10. seeing you play over the board so calmly and professionally is strange, so used to the near constant smiles/laughter and general emotional reaction when you play😄😄you have bundles of support keep smashing it♥️

  11. 13:49 – p e3 – white takes – q f1 takes rook checkmate or p e3 – white dont take – p f2 takes pawn and check – king moves h1 or g2 – q h3 check if king g2 , takes rook checkmate or if king go h1 something else will happen maybe im just mambling but it looks good

  12. Always learning from the mistakes…sometimes you will need to go with just your intuition. Best of luck. Go outside
    at night while you're there, weather permitting and look for the Northern Lights.

  13. Of course we wish You best of luck for tomorrow! 😊👍♟

  14. Hi Anna, I know it's very unlikely you'll see this comment, but I wanted to voice support. I saw the article on CNN, where you had an opportunity to talk about some of the issues you have faced in chess. I am sure you are always having to fight two battles in chess, the actual chess you play, and the fact you are an attractive young woman facing a bunch of lonely, desperate males. I am a male more then twice your age, and I enjoy watching your content because you have a great personality, make me smile, and I have to confess, I love watching content involving your parents as well! I hope this finds you well, and I look forward to future content!

  15. You are doing great! Keep chugging. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  16. Here at 10:04, wouldn’t bishop e7 have trapped his queen on every square possible?

  17. I appreciate you having to wait for everyone to leave just so you could record and analyse the match <3

  18. Fight for your legacy! Good luck next game!

  19. This video feels so good. Nice editing, lighting and beautiful live background. Great commentary as well. Love it!

  20. Poor guy, U can tell he is not comfortable because of the camera.

  21. Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them says:

    Vert tasty

  22. Good effort Anna! Good luck next game! Don't underestimate the under-rated kid! 😅

  23. Play your game, Anna. Be bold. Be daring.

    You are a phenomenal student of the game. Enjoy it.

  24. Love Anna's vibes. Most attractive personality 🤤

  25. Kind of annoying that he's so much better than his rating. Doesn't seem fair shrugs But I guess that's just how it goes. Especially frustrating if the kid tomorrow is also underrated.

  26. Good lucky and i guess this was s great practice

  27. At 10 mins into the video, doesn’t bishop to e7 just trap their queen? I might not have seen something. Sorry if I’m wrong

  28. “I decided to talk to him” definitely a distraction tactic

  29. Strangely enough I found Qe7 straightaway, but h5 would never have occurred to me.

  30. You're amazing in chess, but also in your comments

  31. Great video Anna! I will be watching all your videos because I want to know what happens with all the games you play in this tournament! Love you Anna!

  32. Anna well explained, your mom did such a great job.

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