INSANE First Tournament Round…

This is the recap of round 1 in Reykjavik Open, a chess tournament I’m playing in Iceland right now 🙂 Leave a like and drop a comment down below if you enjoyed the video!

See The Game Here:

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  1. To be fair, your mom didn't see that King move either until she noticed the evaluation bar jump in black's favor. At least, that's what it seemed like when watching it live.

    Good game, and I'm rooting for you!

  2. Wait she and Alex both started competing again and both at the same event? Has to be a collab, no?

  3. Nice game, I liked the way you commented it ! Can't wait to see the next games 🙂

  4. @9:17. Did the queen not hang for White? if you pulled back the bishop on F6 to E7?

  5. You lost with style 😉👍 good luck with next round☺️👍👍

  6. 12:35 There's really only one crazy idea : Qxf2+ [certainly not e3 , hoping he would be so dumb, as taking with the f pawn (fxe3)]

  7. to be fair, that 3100+ elo was his best bullet chess, while his best on blitz is 2943, nowhere near hikaru's level.

  8. Your awesome! Stop worrying about ppls ratings.

    Just imagine your playing your dad with your mom beside you helping you. This will help you to focus and play your best.
    Your worrying about players that are rated higher,
    your worrying about players rated lower
    and your worrying about underrated players. Your psyching yourself out before you get started.

    Just remember they are worrying about you!

    “OMG I’M PLAYING ANNA!!! She was taught by not 1 but 2 grandmasters. Shes under-rated!”

    You got this!!!🎉🎉🎉

  9. Your tactical ideas were to much dependent on him erroring , when he made that queen move and won pawns you could have first went backwards and defended, this is a necessary skill if you are an attacker (which is what tactical means), you shouldn't think it is wrong to go backwards and start over.

  10. You mom's matting attack idea. Wow! I see why she is a GM.

  11. Anna you're amazing. Chess is so much better with that enthusiasm of yours. Good Luck tomorrow.

  12. Good luck for the next game, Anna ❤🎉

  13. Anna – don't worry about us! Get sleep, rest and play as best as you can – Don't do what Levy Rozman has done, he tried to play well and report on every game (That's insanely stressful!) I want you to win! Your rest, health and winning at chess should be your number one priority. Good luck!

  14. Awesome game and way to push through it! Good luck today!🎉🎉🎉

  15. I just saw the article on CNN about you. I am sorry you deal with so much sexism, but i hope you address it with a video after the tournament. Good luck on your games!❤

  16. Kf2 in my opinion is way too suspicious, no way your opponent would have fallen for it 😅

  17. So good, Anna. You may have resigned but a great game and commentary, as always!

  18. Smash that 'under-rated kid!' LOL!

  19. Какая говорливая девчонка

  20. I'm glad I can learn something about chess watching your videos, you are brilliant.

  21. Anna Thank you! for the content,
    Please make some videos about what do you consider in a X position to calculate lines
    Calculation, Visualization (How do you practice ?)

  22. Thank you Anna for the recap, really interesting! Wish you luck with your next games!

  23. Ετσι ρε πετρο γαμησε τους ολουςς

  24. You got this Anna. Relax dont let clock beat you.Have fun then play hard.Youve got a fan base regardless of your win/loss ratio!

  25. Thumbnail is clickbait. Even Magnus Carlsen doesn't have a rating over 3000. 👎

  26. "Let's Go ,let's go let's go", "I take,and I'll take,and take and then take"! I'm rooting for you. To bad it's formal event and you can't be your exuberant self while playing.

  27. This post game analysis was great. I love the drive to improve. 👍

  28. dude, u r guessing from the perspective of 800 elo opponent. Why do you think he would be so dumb to move pawns instead of implementing his queen?

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