INSANE Match: Firouzja vs Magnus!

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  1. Bro who is firouja 2003 😂…the profile pic

  2. Next video
    "MINOR EXAGGERATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. When he said that "Content creation requires a large amount of truth and some exaggeration", he was talking about the clickbait titles right? RIGHT?

  4. fix you mic levy , you're a millionaire , it keeps making a weird sound after you stop speaking , like a light wooosh very annoying

  5. At 17:12 He says: ".. but he (Magnus) accidentally (!!!) makes Aliresa find the only move which is…"

    No, Mr..!, It was not an accidental move! It was an entirely Intentional move made by a genius! Haven't you seen Alireza's speed and accuracy at blitz games against Magnus so far? If you were in Alireza's place, could you have found this move by accident? Aren't you saying that Magnus made him see this ACCIDENTAL move?!! well, If you were in Alireza's place, could you see that move at all?!.. No! You couldn't!.. had better look at the evaluation bar before that Alireza's move! I looked at your report and saw many of your opinions wrong. You absolutely don't report for "chess" but "Magnus"!.. change your look..

  6. I'm going to bring the truth like I said before I'm here for chess we do what we say and how we do it,no need to lye to myself it what I only do,that makes no sense😊

  7. Must've scrolled past this four times while trying to find the Gotham video from the 17th. Not sure why, but this thumbnail was hard to spot while scrolling

  8. A Creator is one who brings it to existence to the only way he knows how and a inventor is one that sits there and says I want to do something that know one else does or did ,this is the difference between what you know and what I know,why is a question and how is the answer and there is no exaggeration when it comes to understanding what words mean in how something is done by the one who did it

  9. I honestly feel bad for Levy..he said he actually reads comments-

  10. Day 26 of asking levy for a GTE episode

  11. About content creation, you forget "entrataining", one of the reason I'm here 😊

  12. Day 1 of asking for a book signing in Tampa, Florida (or close[or ish] area).

  13. All Iranians are proud of alireza firouzja 🇮🇷🇮🇷

  14. that's exactly how you lose Toyota SPONSORSHIP, Levy. What you say can't be taken back. RIP Toyota

  15. I think the most shocking about this is how magnus predicted all outcomes of the tournament. Look it up he really did

  16. 4th thing that ist certain in life: levy using clickbait xD

  17. intentionally not adding chapters just so that people spend more time watching this video is really shitty imo

  18. Levy never fails to do tax evasion

  19. Why do all of you refuse to say something original?
    You just say the same thing every video that someone else said before you and then you repeat everyday. Because one day it got a few likes

  20. It's about time you made this video!

    Also… before watching I'm just going to say that "Armageddon" is the DUMBEST FUCKIN FORMAT I'VE EVER SEEN IN ANY COMPETITIVE SETTING. Not only is it retarded to have a price is right style fuckin bid for which color, NOT ONLY is it retarded that black wins because white as a measly 1 minute advantage….. Ok… well… yeah only those things are retarded…

    HOWEVER, in a double elimination format how the FUCK is a reset NOT 4 MORE MATCHES!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????? Why is it only 2!!!???

    The format of this entire tournament is FUCKIN DUMB! I thought chess people were supposed to be smart…. How did this make sense to ANYONE when they were coming up with it? WTF is wrong with people?

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