Intense moment Magnus Carlsen vs praggnanandhaa | TATA STEEL CHESS

GM Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu vs GM Magnus Carlsen


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  1. This is a clear win for Magnus, Magnus sliced down his Rook to protect the passed Pawn, Now Prag's Rook cannot move because it would lead to a queen promotion. Magnus will bring his knight down the board and eventually get a queen. So Prag Resigned.

  2. They were writing each other's name in death note

  3. I feel bad for magnus's aponent

  4. Guys im not pretty good at chess can someone explain why are they writing something?

  5. I'm new to chess can anybody tell me why was the time increasing over time

  6. At the start I was like TAKE THE QUEEN TAKES BACK WITH THE KNIGHT TAKE THE KNIGHT GAIN A KNIGHT BUT THEN I NOTICED the rook was hanging yum free rook

  7. Someone can tell me what they are writing in paper.

  8. Magnus sponsored by a credit card company lol

  9. If he took rook with horse then the game will be draw

  10. He shouldn't have captured the queen instead he should protect bishop

  11. Black queen free me mil rhi thi night se check deke

  12. Only they know what is going on in their head.

  13. Oh my god,heartbeat is so high Praggnandha wish you all the best for today 🙌🤞❤️

  14. The question is what are they writing 😮

  15. Pragnaanandha Was Best, But Carlsen's Move was Ultimate🔥👌. No chance to Defeat Him. But Its not that easy to sit in that chair to make a move without any tension. All the best For PRAGNAANANDHA To Comeback Again with Full Power💪🔥🇮🇳

  16. No respect for anyone that wears a face diaper.

  17. Youngest to reach the world championship 🗿

  18. Vayusena diwas 8 October ko manate hai na ki 4 dec ko

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