Interview with the 2017 Tata Steel Chess Tournament winner: Wesley So

Wesley So on his victory today, which led him to win the tournament. So has been coming to Wijk aan Zee for years, and started in the C group, and made his way up to the Masters. This year, So achieved one of his goals by winning the tournament.


  1. Wesley is becoming a Monster ! This guy will be world champion !

  2. Congrats Wesley! Love that dude — so modest, so talented.

  3. Naturally an accomplished player with his inspiring valuable speech.

  4. We love you wesley on behalf of the whole Philippines

  5. Jethus Cwithe, Weth! I thought you'd be thmarter than that

  6. Pinoy in the house!!!!!!! Wesly So the Grand Master originally from the Philippines but representing U.S.. thats whats up!! Hell yeah!! So. Keep going man.. Sky is the limit

  7. His speech impediment seems so easy to correct. I wonder if he has talked at all with a speech therapist.

  8. Anna has made a great job interviewing the players, she's so fresh! Anna hizo un exclenete trabajo entrevistando a los jugadores y comentando las partidas, es muy fresca!

  9. The Philippines was too corrupt to support chess in any way. But now, maybe The Best President in the World: DU30, and The Best Chess Player in the World: Wesley So, can change the minds of Filipinos worldwide and build our very first Wesley So Chess University.

  10. 'who would you like to thank?', I really wanted him to say 'well my opponents for playing bad moves' 😂

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