Iranian woman competes at chess tournament without hijab

이란 20대 女체스선수, 히잡 안 쓰고 대회 참가

For a look at the news from around the world, we turn to Lee Seung-jae, who’s standing by at the Arirang News Center. Good morning.

Good morning.

Let’s start off in Kazakhstan where a female Iranian chess player is in the spotlight, as she was seen competing without a hijab.

That’s right. An Iranian woman chess player competed in an international tournament in Kazakhstan without a hijab, going against Iran’s laws governing female dress code.
According to Reuters, Iran’s Sara Khadem was seen competing without a headscarf for the second straight day.
Ranked 804 in the world, Khadem’s participation at the chess tournament without her hijab was also reported by a number of Iranian news outlets.
Iran has been swept by demonstrations against the country’s clerical leadership this year, with laws enforcing the mandatory hijab being a flashpoint during the protests.
A number of Iranian female athletes have been seen taking a stand by refusing to compete while wearing the hijab.

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2022-12-29, 09:00 (KST)


  1. No hijab- stunning and brave! Fight for freedom! Disobey the government! Girl Power!No mask in Korea- Lock her up! Troublemaker! Obey the government! How Dare You?!Liberal Logic

  2. Does head scarf or hijab makes a woman ?

  3. Now the men will want to be with woman instead of lil boys. Oh noes.

  4. This girl is an example of how to fight silly obligations about how to dress. Why does anyone have to force Iranian women to hide their beautiful black hair? Unfortunately not only in Iran but also in most western countries there is a very similar repression. For example, in the summer I would like to go naked to the supermarket but if I did they would arrest me immediately and throw me in jail. Yet I'm fit and with a nice body, why can't I show off my long penis, which I'm very proud of?

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