Iranian woman competes at chess tournament without hijab

Iranian chess player Sara Khadem took part in international tournament in Kazakhstan. Sara Khadem was competing without a headscarf for the 2nd day. Without wearing a headscarf, she purportedly violated Iran’s laws governing female dress code. Khadem became the most recent sportsperson to make a bold statement against Iran’s regime. Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi competed in South Korea earlier in October without wearing the required hijab.

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  1. You come to India and return girls from India who supported hijab …
    Much needed…πŸ‘

  2. Please take hijabi girls from India to Iran. The will love it .

  3. something that is bare minimum, also becomes an issue in islamic countries???? When will muslim men wear these hijab and burqa???

  4. Break away from this inhuman mentality we are in the 21st century not dark ages .Man and women are equal human beings.

  5. Hijab in the Muslim world, which came about since the 70s perhaps – was an American operation. They wanted to bring extreme Islam to the region to fight Soviets ! Later they morphed it further to control the region for resources – don't be fooled by what the media tells you

  6. Unfortunately,these brave girls will again face Islamic Patriarchal oppression once they are in Iran.

  7. Donate to Indian Hindu Girls…. there are many dying to wear this as a Crown.

  8. Oh no, RSS is directly responsible in what is happening in Iran

  9. Go on.. Revolution can't take place in one day πŸ‘

  10. And that Indian girl was like I want to wear Hijab πŸ˜…

  11. Iranians look so much like North Indians.
    She would easily blend in except for her accent probably.

  12. It's just hair on the head, not pubic hair. Not sure why Islamic idiots are hellbent in telling women to cover their heads.

  13. β€œWhen I walked out of the house with hijab on, i felt beautiful in the eyes of Allah. I felt protected, shielded – i just felt somebody was watching over me" ― Na'ima B. Robert

  14. Iran or no country or religion should treat women as second class citizens. It's only insecure men who promote such silly beliefs on women. History won't be kind to these people.

  15. what a false story, hijab is required by Iran only in Iran for all women regardless of religion, Iranian women were always free to discard hijab outside Iran, please raise your journalistic standards from the gutters

  16. Iran was not a islamic country every body know, and people need to study there history the only they will know what happen.

  17. Brave women. More Power To the girls of Iran

  18. Jesus CHRIST is the One and ONLY Saviour of all mankind πŸ₯°β€οΈ

  19. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and save your soul before the death happens πŸ™

  20. Beautiful girl beautiful hair your free!!!

  21. …people who are lonely and scared inside tend to see the grass is greener on the other side .

  22. Most of them have such beautiful hair, seems a shame to have to cover it up just to please the men ruling them.

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