Keymer v. van Foreest | Chess’ Strongest FIGHT For 2023 Tata Steel Championship Title! | R10

Eight-time Tata Steel winner Magnus Carlsen defends his title with Ding Liren, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and more of the world’s top chess players looking to take the crown! Who will be victorious at the legendary 14 player round robin tournament in Wijk aan Zee?!


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  1. It would be more fun if the commentary would be more … expert. Where is Leko, or put a top GM on there or something. I mean Houska,… really? Hess is a good speaker but he lacks the expert edge even as a GM and he crawls in all corners to appease Houska's mostly silly remarks. Where is the fun in that?

  2. Somebody please buy this Keymer boy the Dvoretsky endgame manual

  3. Keymer is bad in endgames it's hilarious

  4. so will Hess & Houska continue the commentating Friday ?

  5. Wow Round 11 : 2 vs 1 3 vs 4 6 vs 5 👌👍

  6. Feel sorry for Vincent Keymer ,draw- 2 end games which he should have won, at the sametime thinking how such a super GM can miss the winning moves at the end games, that too in consecutive 2 games, probably he need homework more or else he might be in stress

  7. Admin: please adjust the color of black piece on dark square!!!

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