King of the Hill Speed Chess Tournament [158]

This is a King of the Hill speed (bullet) chess tournament (Marshall Arena) I competed in on lichess while livestreaming on . The King of the Hill chess variant is just like regular chess, however with the added rule if your king moves to 1 of the 4 central squares, you win immediately. Time controls are 1 minute per player.



  1. awesome! please make more chess variant videos!

  2. More king of the hill! Very dramatic!

  3. Thanks for all you do enjoying these videos
    Like this variant more so than other ones. Laughed out loud more than a few times here.

  4. This is insane. I love all the variations people have come up with. What a goofy way to play chess. Haha

    (Edit) I just played my friends in KOTH. It was incredibly fun. I won and looked really cool to my friends. lol. Highly recommend this if no one has played it before. definitely pretty tense.

  5. That's a really interesting chess variant, I'd love to see more of this

  6. I was laughing out loud when you actually pulled off a regular checkmate from 11:42. Genius. XD

  7. This is a really exciting variant to watch! What a tournament. 🙂

  8. May i know what is your actual FIDE rating in the world? are you a grand master or international master?


  10. 0:53 Nxf7 forking, insta win missed 🙁
    Thanks for the content Jerry, very entertaining

  11. ok but how you can win 5 points here? your opponent takes 2 times 5 point and 1 time 3. But why?

  12. It doesn't really matter wether you castle or not cos from the edge of the chessboard it will always be three moves to the centre so all that really matters is the pieces in the way and wether or not the opponent can defend the centre

  13. The more I watch your chess videos, the better at chess I get. The more I watch your chess variant videos, the worse I get. I'm still watching them though, they're too much fun!

  14. Hi, could you explain the point of bishop F4 instead of H5 where it pins their pawn to the queen?

  15. in move 15 u could have taken the pawn on f7 and make a fork

  16. on 1:21 if u pause, u can win a queen, this is forced: Nb5, xb5 Rxd4 Ke5 or e3 then Qxc2 😀 i saw this quick while scrooling true the video

  17. I've watched like 5 of your tournament videos and this was the first one where I saw you lose a game …… you monster

  18. The only reason i like watching you lose from time to time is that you sound just like Owen Wilson!

  19. king of the hill is ok but three check is
    more my kind of thing

  20. 20:45 and through the end of that game was really cool to watch as you saw so many moves ahead and recognized the opposing bishops. That was pleasant to watch unfold.

  21. The move at 6:04 was actually really good, either way he was loosing his queen or putting his King in a worsened position, if he went Kf3 then e4, then if Kf4, Bd6 then King either f4 or h5, either way move bishop back to c8 then queen has to defend on d7, after Bxd7 it's checkmate. So it was a winning move

  22. For god sake, I really can´t believe I spend 4 hours straight watching you play!
    You're just awesome!

  23. how does he play so good so fast? unbelievable to me

  24. i am so so tired of his giggling, i love his chess but………..

  25. Exemplary case of someone who can take defeat. you have a wonderful attitude towards competition

  26. Jerry you're one of the few people who would see original chess objectives in a minigame and win that way i.e. mate

  27. at 56 seconds you could have checked the King again with your night moving him to the pawn square and you would have had his Queen

  28. God damn, i think the most valuable about your winning streaks is how you handle losing…

  29. "what a cool move. I love that move!" Jerry, you're the best

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