King of the Hill Speed Chess Tournament [215]

This is a King of the Hill speed (bullet) chess tournament (Taubenhaus Tournament) I competed in on lichess while livestreaming on . The King of the Hill chess variant is just like regular chess, however with the added rule if your king moves to 1 of the 4 central squares, you win immediately. Time controls are 1 minute per player.



  1. why do you value a king in the center so high?

  2. I used to find the middle game so mysterious, but it's making much more sense now that I've watched a lot of your videos. Thanks for the great content =0

  3. Jerry you were quick…slick, slippery & sliding all through those games. Perfect score! Papa must be proud!

  4. Frøken Glattbarbert Stillas-sikkerhetsinspektør says:

    Exciting ending!

  5. It was fun, especially at the end of it. Jerry can you enable chat at the end of the tournament before counting players?, some of them say funny stuff

  6. SackofSasquatch always seems to turn up in these tournaments, I've seen him in other youtuber's livestreams when they have participated in tournaments

  7. Damn Jerry is a beast. That last game, jeezus.

  8. Bum bum! 🙂 having the bugged smartphone back from repair and finding this gift has no price

  9. hahaha Congratulations!!! I had a lot of fun looking this video, you're amazing Jerry!!

  10. Out of curiosity at 4:58 wouldn't bg5 be winning not losing? If he plays kg7 you play qh6 if he plays ke5 then nf3 is mate

  11. What is going berserk in this king of the hill thing?

  12. How do you get the points in this mod? Like I see 2, 3 or 5 points. Thank you.

  13. I'm new to chess so can someone explain to me how 15:13 is checkmate.

  14. this never seizes to be entertaining to watch.:)

  15. Loved the video as always Jerry. Keep up the good work, your content is fantastic – Long time viewer

  16. Why was the knight move at 1:11 not a blunder if the white king couldnt move to e6?

  17. Thank you dude! Great content! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool (btw i don't know why i just said that but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!)

  18. I pay 5 bucks to see Jerry's face whenever the enemy does a good move and he goes "Uhhh I just lost my queen !" LOL !!!

  19. 9:33 12… Bxe4 looks devastating but you can actually do ok if you don't recapture, so fair enough!

  20. the 3rd guy got +602 oO! best rating development ever!

  21. Jerry miscalculated at 11:50. If he took jerry's queen and jerry moved his rook aside then his opponent can place his rook in the center to stop jerry's king from advancing.4 attackers from his opponent end:queen,2rooks and 1 pawn. 3 attackers on jerry's end:king and 2 rooks.

  22. As much as I love other chess youtubers, no one is as entertaining as Jerry when he gets worked up during a game

  23. jerry posts a perfect 224(4), yet there's plenty of "better" players in the comments pointing out inaccuracies.

  24. Gm grand, im international, nm national, fm what master?

  25. came here from watching king of the hill episodes this is friggin awesome love finding gems like Mr. Puzzle. but this great thanksChessNetwork never heard of this until now… internet!

  26. So unsatisfying when you win because opponent run out of time.

  27. “You know what I think would be a good opening? The Scandinavian!” – Every Single Chess player, 5 moves before getting pummelled into the ground

  28. Ok, will someone please explain to me how Jerry is winning in the game at 10:10. He brings his king up to the center but all of his pieces are dropping around him. His opponent resigned!? Someone please help!

  29. i wonder what fischer would think of those games, horde and king of the hill? would he like it or hate it?

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