LAST MOMENTS of Magnus Carlsen vs Nodirbek Abdusattorov in 2023 Tata Steel Chess Tournament

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  1. Full cavity search for Nordibek from now on plz

  2. Bro nordibek looks like sullivan😂😂

  3. Congratulations and also gaining more points 2713+++

  4. carlsen looks like he aged 7 years in the last week.

  5. It was really tough queen endgame and Abdusattorov had to be very precise to convert that extra pawn. It became much easier when black had one check of his own and pushed b2.
    After that white resistance looked silly on GM level and Carlsen resigned.

  6. Nodirbek will stare his way into the world championship in future

  7. Giri and Nodirbek brought their A games to Magnus' B games.

  8. Pourquoi Carlsen n'accuse pas Abdustarov de triche ? C'était une partie parfaite

  9. When i saw, he was wining 3+, what happed? blunder?

  10. History will remember anish broke magnoose.

  11. I get the convo's after matches are between players but I'd love to sometimes mic them up so we can listen in. I love how they discuss the game afterwards, something about it is so cool

  12. Congrats, Nodirbek. Uzbekistan supports you!

  13. Congratulations Nodirbek!
    That's amazing!!!

  14. Magnus just doesn't care. If he had really wanted to win he would've destroyed the kid

  15. looking less and less likely Hans cheated in the game against Magnus now…

  16. I officially claim now, I don't have a single fucking clue as to how the fuck this world works. I mean Magnus has played chess for so long, won 5 titles in classical, played 6 WC matches which means he must have tons of prep, arguably the best of all time, and now he loses 2 games in a row. In the least, it doesn't seem logical

  17. After watching the last few games i fear if this is cars 3 story all over again.

  18. Could this be the beginning of the end for Magnus and his reign as world #1………Not even close, this is gonna motivate him and I wouldn't be surprised if he wins 4 of the next 6 to get right back in the tournament. Congrats to Nordirbek is in order. He took the advantage and never let it go. Sort of reminds me of somebody…

  19. Magnus has been taking a lot of risks recently, being more adventurous. So he will fail sometimes. He has nothing to prove about his strength. He wants to be more exciting.

  20. in 2014 carlsen lost 2 classic matches in a row to caruana and another to radjabov

  21. Carlsen has lost 2 classical games in a tournament before:
    October 2020 in Norway; Duda + Aronian
    June 2017 in Norway: Kramnik + Aronian
    So, about one time every 3rd year
    If Carlson loses more games in this tournament, it is very unusual

  22. A small part of me thinks "it has to be Anish's year"

    But a much larger part of me is thinking "how great would it be for Nodirbek to leap up the rankings and announce himself in the Classical world".

  23. Hikaru from now on has a framed picture of Abdusattorov surrounded by candles on his bedroom nightstand to gaze at with admiration

  24. Nodirbek is chess titan!! A future 2900 player

  25. this kid has incredible strong mind he can deal with preassure easily

  26. Hans is like, "Oh, so it's ok when he does it?"

  27. I love the chatting after the games. It’s amazing to see. Great sportsmanship shown here by both players.

  28. MC played the last 2 games like a club level PATZER …???

  29. Magnus is looking like Hans nueman and that says it all

  30. It's quite clear Now that magnus can be beaten in classical and that neimann didn't necessarily clear to win

  31. Carlsen looks like Miguel Diaz from cobra kai 1 to 5 Glow up.

  32. C'est plutôt Carlsen qui s'est battu lui-même!

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