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Hi Chess Friends Welcome to Stockfish Ai chess channel. I make Stockfish Leela Alphazero Dragon 3 Magnus chess Openings and Tactics Videos. I hope You liked my Video. So Please Subscribe to the Channel 🙂

Stockfish course 3:

[Including Stockfish 15.1 Beta Vs AlphaZero Games]

🎦 Stockfish course 1:

🎦 Stockfish course 2:

🎦 Stockfish Vs 2 GMs, 4 Grandmaster, 8 Grandmasters:

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Join Now- Facebook Group:

📽️ Alphazero Vs Stockfish 15:

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📽️ Stockfish vs Magnus carsen- Vishy Anand- levy rozman (gothamchess)

📽️ Me Vs Stockfish 15 ( Stockfish have Rook odds) 🤔 Can I win ? :

📽️ Albert Einstein Chess Games 🧠(161 IQ):

📽️ Learn from Stockfish 15’s ideas
Stockfish 15’s Top Chess Openings

📽️ AlphaZero Brilliances Chess Games:

📽️ Stockfish 15 vs Fisherov ( ‘Fish’= Stock’fish’, ‘er’= Bobby Fish’er’, ‘ov’= Karp’ov’.) :

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  1. Ok, just slow the fuck down. I'm good at chess, is english which keeps mysteries from me.
    How come no ELO is updated after each game?

  2. Fish, update after update, year after year and u still can't beat AI, If google deepmind spill its brain to the chess world they will destroy it all. Cos to their power

  3. All stockfish vs Alphazero game is very interested for me.. thank you for this chess lessons

  4. 4:06
    My oh my! Firstly “d3” when it’s d4 and then “rook here” when it’s actually d3 on the next move.
    You’re losing your touch, Fishy! 😅

  5. I think the 7/8 minute videos are best for human attention span. Very good videos you make.

  6. Very nice games specially the Sicilian game please play more Sicilian !

  7. ¿Can you defeat alpha with black pieces?

  8. Perhaps CaroCann is not the way, in neuropsychology there is pruning

  9. Stockfish when will you make qna i am waiting

  10. Love the videos bro but can you please make it where the engines have unlimited time but make sure they make some weird opening so it won’t be a draw?

  11. "I give up my pawn for nothing."

    Me: That's high level!

  12. How come your picture is Iron Man when you are white like Alphazero?

  13. "Alpha wins because he has the white pieces" I was watching this with my partially racist friend and he was like "I mean, white alwins wins against black amirite?" lol

  14. Try to win against alpha zero by playing black side if you can

  15. Hey stockfish… We know how to play with stockfish in mobile or computer… But can you suggest how to play against alphazero ? I guess this is not available for public.. then how do you play against it.. are these older games ?

  16. Can anyone tell me what style of this type of chess pieces is?? (name plz)

  17. I love the fact that Stockfish robot voice is the same as Chess Simp.
    Maybe Stockfish was the paid actor all this time?

  18. Hello chess goat stockfish🥰 play Against Hitler’s bot if you can😬

  19. You should let your engine participate in the TCEC for the ultimate test

  20. Can you do a gambit series accepted with them?

  21. Stockfish vs alpha zero and leela zero

  22. the best video so far. create more tournament videos. just like this one

  23. That's why I'm a stockfish subscriber 😉

  24. Please don't make too fast videos. 7-9minutes is okay for 1game. We are humans, not stockfish :). Thank you for amazing videos

  25. Horray for Alpha Zero! My lovely chess engine

  26. Yea amazing second game, you are Stockfish.

  27. I like the way he talks, night takes night long castle hahahaha stock fish is amazing.

  28. Alphazero is the greatness opponent of stockfish

  29. Great games! Where can I download all games against Alphazero?

  30. How can u loose against Alpha Zero now I have to remember that Alpha Zero is the best AI at chess

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