Lei Tingjie v. Tan Zhongyi | Can Tan Equalize With the White Pieces? | Women’s Candidates Final 2023

The 2022-23 Women’s Candidates Tournament is an elite event featuring the strongest women in the world, but just two remain in the fight to become the World Championship challenger. Chinese grandmasters Lei Tingjie and Tan Zhongyi have advanced to the final and will compete for their share of the €250,000 prize and their place in the World Championship match against Ju Wenjun.

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  1. I don't understand why is there a women Contest?I understand in wrestling or sprints as the testosterone and genetics at a huge role in performance.But chess? I don't get it

  2. I missed it. 🙁 I guess it would be hard to catch anyway. I'm in EST (eastern time) 😂

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