Levon Aronian vs Magnus Carlsen Round 1 – 2013 Candidates Chess Tournament

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The Candidates Tournament kicked off today to see who will play Anand for the World Championship later this year. Eight of the top players will fight over the next 2 weeks to showcase their skills and endurance against other worthy opponents.

The first matchup was between Aronian and Carlsen, the #3 and #1 rated players in the world. Both sides played rather cautiously, somewhat expected for round 1. Be sure to check out over the next couple of weeks for more commentary of the tournament.


  1. There are several ways to be a great player, for instance Petrosian who was called: The Hardest Player to beat.
    you dont have to play very aggressive and checkmate your opponent in 2 moves, its all about just outplaying your opponent and finally win.

  2. Hey thechesswebsite guy,
    Thanks for making me smarter.

  3. At 11:20, why didnt he move the queen to a3?

  4. aww man. i thought shit was gonna go down. lol

  5. I really enjoy your videos, but please don't cast games like this in the future :p

  6. why? That would mean wasting time on moving queen around, because after the knight recaptures at b5, he has to move it losing tempo.

  7. I like the way you comment. You take time to analyze the moves before you move on. I need time to think.

  8. In high level chess WHITE has a much better chance of winning than BLACK (because white gets to move first), so if you're playing WHITE, you're goal is to WIN, but if you're playing BLACK, your main goal is to NOT lose. So since this is game1, Carlsen probably didn't want to waste too much brain power to get the WIN since he's playing black.

  9. That's not correct. White takes 54% of the points against Black in *perfect* computer engine chess plays. so Computers have an 1/20 advantage, which is not NOTHING, but it's not too much. Also 1/3 of all games end in a draw, getting more the higher the level of the players go. so the chanes are *about*: Win White 34%, Win Black 32% and Draw 33%, if they were completely evenly skilled. So to say that white plays for victory and black for a draw is rubbish.

  10. Ultra-boring game. I guess it's all part of the overall strategy, but it's like watching a basketball game when neither team is really trying to win.

  11. 8:13: "now carlson could have also played pawn to b5, that's fine as well, that prob makes more sense, but he's higher rated than i am….and he's a lot better at chess than i am..so taht's fine" haha love you kev

  12. does it really take you 01m and 50s to to start the game!?

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  14. 07:00
    Compensation for moving the piece twice is central control, which is far superior to just captureing the pawn, especially considering the positioning of the black knights.
    For comparison: Look at the Meran variation in the semi-slav. Nowadays for the reason named above, it is usually avoided.

  15. Interesting. Instead of attacking the King directly, he chose to clear the pawns off the board.

  16. why not just agree on a draw at the start???

  17. Побольше действий, поменьше пездежа

  18. Hey check out this unique game I played with an opponent on my channel. I create a Dominating build up to result in a checkmate!

  19. Best part of this video was at the 14:14 mark. Cant wait for Magnus to get white.

  20. 2 mutch analis try to not show all variation of every single move this ruins you videos

  21. but thats how you like it so not try to judge here

  22. 54% would be white 37.5% black 28.5% if 33% draw

  23. 37.5+28.5+33=99.

    Where did the last one percent go?

  24. The same place the plane that hit the pentagon it just disintegrate into thin air !

  25. Wouldn't a very active queen in the beginning be a bad idea?

  26. Most boring game ever.  Tal or Polgar never would have played so unimaginatively.

  27. C'mon man just cause they're big names didn't mean you can just post bland draws. I'd rather see a bunch of no names playing dynamic fighting chess with sacrifices and the whole nine yards.

  28. Boring…..they should have just agreed to a draw after the first move.

  29. Interesting how both players agreed to the draw only after forming that figure at the end, which does look like a sideways heart, but with the rooks it actually looks more like a fish….hmmmm why a fish….I wonder? Perhaps the players were just having a little fun at our expense.  Or perhaps it's something more meaningful like a symbolic gesture in honor of something or someone with the name of…fish?     Φ            Ω

  30. he should have prefaced this video with "this will be the most boring game of chess you'll ever watch"

  31. boring ass bums. that's why I fucks with Fischer

  32. Hey Kevin. That sucked. What a waste of time to watch this snoozer. Freakin' hero worshiper.

    And you don't have to tell anyone what a Nimzo-Indian is.

  33. am I the only one who noticed the heart in the end?

  34. could u do a video where bobby fischer *lost*?

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