LOL: Man FAKES Being a Woman to Win Chess Tournament

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A man in Uganda disguised himself as a woman in a hijab, to compete in a women’s chess tournament and won. Is this cheating?

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  1. He identifies as a woman. Problem solved. If we are being politically correct, he’s now a woman 🤷🏽‍♂️💀

  2. It's not about it being a mental game – if the tournament is set for women – it's for women period. Maybe it's to encourage more women to play chess – whatever the reason if there's a women's only event it's for women only. It could be that it's sponsored by female chess players & all the awards are donated by females & they want the prize money to go to women. Most likely it's just to encourage more women to play.

  3. Ironic – Olympic committee says, men can compete against women….. but chess has a line in the sand ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. The person in the photos was wearing a niqab, not a hijab.

  5. He should have said I'm a biological male but I identify as a woman 👩 😂😂😂💯❗️Everyone else does it 😂😂😂💯❗️

  6. A fun fact about chess. It uses a rating system, based on points, quite like the systems in popular games like League and Rocket League. However, within chess, the highest rated woman is 125th in the world. Chess, is a man dominated sport. The highest rated man, Magnus Carlsen, is rated 2859, while Yifan Hou, the highest ranked woman is 2628. At the highest level, this would be like asking the Chiefs to play Bishop Sycamore.

  7. Who are we to judge how he identified that day🤣 ps if they can fight in the women's ufc chess is easy work lol

  8. lea thompson aka Will Thompson did tha same thing.

  9. THIS is not a physical competition. Chess is a 'mental' game. THIS is so sad on sooooooo many levels!!

  10. I have been playing chess since i was 5, and i have studied the psychology behind chess. Also common sense just points to this. Men are better at chess than women. The top 300+ chess players are all men. Every top player in the history of chess has been a man

  11. It’s about taking women’s spaces and prizes. The man said so himself he wanted the money.

  12. Kicked out for winning… how ironic, especially today:)

  13. As funny and annoying this story is. At the same time I just wanna correct you guys. That was not a hijab. There is a massive difference between a hijab and a Burka… What this cheating mofo wore was a Burqa

  14. Why is there a gender devision chess? How in a mental sport?

  15. There are women only tournaments to encourage women to play. It's been male dominated for so long women need time to assimilate. In addition studies show testosterone makes men more aggressive and more successful thus far. Women will catch up it's not like driving where were just better lol

  16. He was dishonest, lied about being a woman
    It was a woman’s tournament, he should have been in the men’s league.
    Another example of how some men , feel they have to invade women’s spaces. While some men think it’s perfectly ok and no big crime, is why transgender people think they have a right to do the same
    Keep out of women’s sports
    I wonder how the men’s chess team would react if they found out a woman had beat them at chess, outrage I imagine. Stop making excuses for him

  17. It's a certified tournament for women…if it were a tournament for men and women then fine but it's not….

  18. Not cheating so much as absolutely pathetic. He couldn’t win as a man?

  19. Welcome to reality .Yes men are way better at chess and all things a human can do besides bithing other humans . They dont have pro chess mixed for a reason . Yes you are bata males . All three of you look as though you have genetic damage . Men Are better ,but we need females ,hence the balence .

  20. I know it may seem silly, but I played chess in high school and there is definitely a physical component to it (as in endurance). (Look up how much Bobby Fisher was concerned with his physical health.) Anyways, after playing 3 matches (3-5 hours), I was pretty beat.

  21. At the highest levels Men consistently perform better at chess. The best female players still don't come close to the best male players. Whether this is a biological advantage or not seems irrelevant if there is clearly a difference.

  22. In amateur chess, playing in chess clubs both sexes can play together, because the spread in skill levels is enormous even under males, but in championships, especially international ones, all competitors are very close. As already mentioned here, no woman can cope with at least the top 100 men.
    Not to say, a woman can not win a game, here and there against a top male player, but not a tournament.
    And yes, chess IS a sport, there are even Olympics and can be very physically draining.

  23. Just can't understand why chess can be based on sex, didn't happen in the queen's bandit.

  24. You might be against trans athletes now; but hit the casinos now while the gettin is good.

  25. As a Muslim, this makes my blood boil. To go ahead and as a man, put on a woman's Muslim clothing, that's just disgraceful.

  26. That's not a hjab it's a niqab.
    A hjab is just the head scarf.

  27. There's a misunderstanding here. In chess, there is 'open' category, where everyone can join (and where it is frequently the case that women compete against men). In addition, there are particular restricted tournaments where, for example, only women, only juniors, only amateurs, or only people with an age of 60+ are allowed to compete. The tournament in Kenia where "Millicent Awour" competed was a women's tournament with a substantial price fund. In addition, there was also an open tournament held there at the same time. Women could choose whether they wanted to compete in the open tournament or in the women's section.

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