Magnus Carlsen Age 29 vs’s Maximum Computer 25

With’s release of a new 3200 rated chess engine, we see Magnus Carlsen Age 29 face off against one of the world’s best chess computers! What do you think will be the result?

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This is the new chess computer on which allows you to play against a Super Computer to see if you can defeat it! Magnus Carlsen’s play is represented by Magnus Age 29 on the play Magnus App.’s Computer 25 vs Magnus Carlsen Age 29

➡️ Play against the level 25 engine for yourself here:

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  1. Some guy on tiktok said a 2200 rated could be maximum so I replied Magnus Carlsen lost to maximum and you think a 2200 rated could win

  2. At its highest level Chess is Tic-tac-toe. You cannot win. Every game played perfectly will end in a draw. So therefore, in Chess, your only advantage is… your opponents disadvantage. You cannot win. You can only lose.

  3. Bro with that theme tune in the background, it felt like the fate of humanity depended on this Human Vs AI game

  4. Well this is a draw, magnus resigned but no one would have won

  5. Magnus lost to a bot that made 0 "Good" moves.

  6. getting almost 98 percent accuracy against a 3200 elo bot is INSANE. It's easy to get high accuracy against players who are far worse than yourself. But when someone is playing the best line every single time, you need to do the same or your accuracy drops instantly. Magnus is unreal. I want to see him play with white.

  7. i'd still believe Mereum (the Ant King from HxH) can defeat this AI.

  8. i played 25 times against this engine. and i lost 26 times.

  9. Chess bot : makes a move

    Also chess bot : ah an excellent move

  10. Question please from a novice. Is this Maximum 25 Computer really moving this fast and beating Magnus? I seen the Big Blue vs. Kasparov, but Big Blue was taking a long time to "think" of moves. Is the technology that much better these days where the 25 quickly beat Magnus?

  11. Did Magnus lose because he ran out of time or he lost because he surrendered

  12. In order to balance the match, the computer should have been given one minute et Magnus one hour.

  13. According to AI chat GBT, a GM can actully beat a computer, The AI says that chess is actully fluid and even a computer can be beaten from black as human

  14. That bot even had an inaccuracy with 99.2 rating😂

  15. When i see 0 blunder, mistakes and missed wins💀

  16. Carlson is weak. Kasparov can defeat the computer. He did it twice before

  17. When you plan the future 2 moves with a few minutes of thinking time, and the computer already had the whole game played out in a few seconds… It would be scary to see the future of artificial intelligence😅

  18. Sorry for this stipid question, but i'm new to chess
    Why did the match end at that point? Didn't look like a check mate

  19. no se si la maquina hubiera seguido la secuencia pero en el segundo 46, el caballo negro come a la dama y si el caballo blanco come a la dama, el caballo negro va por la torre, el caballo blanco tambien ira por la torre pero la otra torre negra lo come, y en el siguiente turno escapa el caballo negro que comio la torre. al final era pieza de ventaja para Magnus.

  20. Вячеслав Бурундуков says:

    Рисуют калькуляторы с такими умными лицами 😂

  21. what if this ai plays against itself? every time draw?

  22. How he looses, there is no checkmate or I am missing something.

  23. imagine these bots with quantum computers in the next 5 years

  24. The computer works on binaries our brains are more analog, so we think in spectrums less in 101’s, so we can make much bigger calculations overall but we aren’t as precise.

  25. If there were infinite possibilities in the game then it would be difficult for computer as well but its limited hence computer analysis best possibilities and probabilities and make good choices/ moves

  26. Because the machine got analysed all the movements and its been coded and programmed for years with several chess player's games

  27. when someone ask me if i can play chess i said "no, i just know the rules" xd

  28. المحرك يلعب بدقة 99.2% هل من الممكن يأتي بشري يتخطى هذه الدقة 🗿 او هل يمكن تطوير المحرك وجعله يلعب بدقة 100%

  29. I have a Mac book pro with a chess game..I tried for one year to play and win…..Is this a Joke by Apple if no one can beat a computer what is the point of even starting….Waste of time….

  30. Tui elo 1800 nhưng tui đã đấu cờ tàn với maximum 25 và ép nó phế xe cản tốt nhưng tui đã thuA=)

  31. It will remember every scenario eventually. We all know how many that is.

    I have been ranked top in world on FIFA video game and let me tell you. My hand will break facing the highest difficulty AI. They are perfect.

  32. Am I the only one who managed to beat it once?

  33. Tetap saja mesin akan menguasai permainan tapi lebih hebat org yang merancangnya 🎉

  34. Battle against a true hero, but it's chess version

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