Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022

It was drama time at the first round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen arrived 2 and a half minutes late for a minute game against GM Vladislav Kovalev. What happened next? Did Magnus win his game? Why was he late in the first place? Check out this video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. What's with the clock gaining time? That wasn't the rules when I played tournaments 20 years ago, or have ever seen.

  2. Him : well do you prefer :
    Easy mode
    Normal mode
    Hard mode
    Lightning mode
    God mode

  3. Right so I’ve never seen a game of chess before, I do know the basics.. and I’ve got to say this is INSANE

  4. Stuck in traffic – The exact same excuse Bobby Fischer gave for arriving late for his match against Boris Spassky.

  5. Every chess match ends so unenthusiasticly haha

  6. when u know opponent Is god u gotta be smart 😂

  7. I'm just learning chess, can someone explain how this game was over?

  8. Magnus either got stuck in the bathroom or with a woman….Sigma as he'll lol

  9. What an absolute waste of time, but I guess if memorizing a childs game is your thing!

  10. This was the most exiting thing in chess in the past 40 years

  11. A little bit more of empathy would help the viewers to understand, that there are two human beings playing a match with each other, even when they are competitors…

  12. Magnus reminds me of the episode of the show Sliders from back in the 90’s where all the famous popular celebrities were famous for their academic achievements. Instead of performing or sports. Haha loved that episode.

  13. I’m still looking for a players who are smiling while playing cheese ! But how is it that all of them seems in confusion ,and problematic,? Hehehe

  14. 3:24 Even when he had little time left, he even savagely wasted his precious 3 seconds just to tidy up the position of his chess piece. Magnus built different,

  15. This isn't chess. This is speed chess. Just because it can be made into a spot better moving faster, doesn't mean they are still playing historical chess. This is a different skill set.

  16. Kovalev is a little bitch for killing the time at the start. He should punish magnus for disrespecting him.

  17. Why these cameramen r standing with cameras while game is going? Just put stands or support and use cameramen when players r moving

  18. Kovalev running down the clock is how long I normally take to make my move 😅😂

  19. Im new to chess i cant figure out how Magnus won? I see no mate?

  20. What happen i dont knowing what they doing help us i wanna learn more

  21. the fascinating thing about magnus is that this isnt the first time he came late and he always ends up with more time than the opponent xd

  22. It seems like "sometimes traffic can bring you.goodluck"🤪🤣.

  23. The timer actualy gain time if they go fast ?

  24. Meu eu nem jogo xadrez mas não sei pq apareceu isso , sei quem é esse gênio aí mas nao sei jogar , a dúvida que vem e , poxa horário e horário mas mano falam que esse jogo é de cavalheiros , poxa não poderia esperar o cara chegar e depois começar o jogo ? Poxa seria bonito de ver isso o cara chegando e o cara esperou ele, seria muito bonito e de uma elegância extrema , sei q horário e regras sao para ser respeitado mas tem coisas que o bom senso fala mais alto principalmente jogando com esse cara aí que acho q era uma criança e já era um gênio , eu não sabendo jogar e se tivesse o prazer de jogar contra ele nunca que iria ganhar por tempo , não sei se dá para ganhar por tempo mas pelo relógio , acho q se zerar acho q da ruim , uma pergunta de quem não conhece o esporte mas , vc apertaria o botão um seria um cavalheiro ?

  25. Dude literally showed up in his pajamas hung over

  26. He does this on purpose folks he absolutely gets into their heads

  27. How is this video so long? talk about boring!

  28. Defeat Magnus in chess, your blood and sweat depend on it Because Magnus is the only world champion in the field of chess, that is a tough opponent

  29. Чемпион есть чемпион!!

  30. In a 3 minute game it would be game over for Magnus, but 3+2 is a comeback chance.
    Still amazing !!!

  31. That’s really disrespectful. Think he is doing it on purpose

  32. Oh, it's +2 secs every moves. With that I understand he won

  33. You just can't help but have admiration for people who can do that.

  34. Him showing up late and setting his pieces is signature Kasparov move

  35. Why did they leave the pieces like that at the end?

  36. What he said at the end was: «i got stuck in trafic, and it was lucky because the round got a little postponed. Now im gonna go change and hopefully be ready for the next match»

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