Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022

It was drama time at the first round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen arrived 2 and a half minutes late for a minute game against GM Vladislav Kovalev. What happened next? Did Magnus win his game? Why was he late in the first place? Check out this video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Let’s waist time playing with my chess pieces, I have to give him a chance!

  2. Started self learning the chess 2 years ago and now I'm obsessed!

  3. 8:57 "Now I gotta head back and finish wiping my bum."

  4. He was doing some Queen’s Gambit drinking the night before.

  5. Magnus' hair makes him look like a Medieval warrior.

  6. You can but we cannot. Wow that guy was rude lol

  7. How did Magnus win? There was no checkmate? Was it a draw?

  8. Can someone please explain how the clock works? Why sometimes they have the same time they had before the move or even a bit more?

  9. I don’t follow much chess, but isn’t the move @7:27 an illegal move? Are you allowed you place yourself into a check position?

  10. I can't believe he took those extra seconds to centre his pieces.

  11. Yep that guy really appreciate magnus, and giving him his time to make the match equal. He give magnus time by not doing anything before he moves. I need a bro like this.

  12. Wow I really love watching this chess videos and mato jelic chess videos too😎

  13. I feel like his life is like a movie. Like the girl in the Queen's Gambit.

  14. why the views almost dead accurate in the thumbnail

  15. He taunts by adjusting the pieces hahahaha

  16. You know you could work for 40yrs to have $1M in your retirement,meanwhile some people are putting thousands of dollars in a meme coin and now they are multimillionaires.

  17. Kovalev what a perfect example. Congratualations on your attitude

  18. My slow ass brain can barely even function on every move they do, what an amazing match and great sportsmanship.

  19. Can someone explain why his opponent ended it at @8:31? What would have been the next set of moves for Magnus to draw a checkmate?

  20. While watching this video I was thinking how the hell they were playing so fast and then just realize that I put the video playback speed in 2x 🤣😅

  21. Can somebody tell me why he won? If there is not jacke mate.

  22. sick! he just need 30+secs to destroy his opponent lols

  23. Is adding 2s per move standard for all blitz games ?

  24. He didn't arrive late, it was a champion's handicap

  25. #immanerd but imagine if all people in the world have the respect and fair play attitude these people have towards each other…

  26. How is the Time on Magnus' clock increasing?

  27. When you can hear boss music, but they're no where to be found.

  28. He doesnt even need to move The King to middle, it's been there since towards the end

  29. 3:37 man has 32 sec left and still took the time to adjust his his pawn and knight after his move. Man is a menace😭.

  30. The way they set up the board after their game – does that imply that the match is a draw? Or does the way pieces are placed imply something? 8:48

  31. Can someone explain me how magnus win cause I got confused at the end a bit

  32. Ultimate form of psychological warfare.

  33. Man they are both so chill I don't know who one… its like trying to figure out who farted in an elevator….

  34. If ever there was a game that requires commentary

  35. Was that move at 2:40 legal? I didn't know you could move two pieces in one move.. let alone have one piece jump the other..

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