Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in just 12 seconds

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, billionaire and philantropist, faced off against the World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen during the talkshow “Skavlan” in 2014, recorded in a studio in London. Carlsen started with 30 seconds on his clock, and Gates with 2 minutes – by the time he’d win the game, Carlsen would only up 12 of those seconds!
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  1. Well, it’s a good thing Bill is wealthy cuz he is a genius and not part of some globalist mafia.

  2. why they even play? its not fair, the guy knows every moves.

  3. B gates is the worst human of our lifetime.

  4. And because of that loss Bill decided to unleash Covid on everyone!

  5. The moment Bill Gates played Bd3 everybody knew he's a trash in chess

  6. Bill gates don't need chess he is a billionaire he can create a bot that trillions of Magnus would never be able to defeat

  7. Keep in mind that Gates thinks the world should look to him for guidance.

  8. Pro players have all the possible opening moves memorized and what are the best counters are. Magnus already knew what to play before Bill even moved his first pawn

  9. For those who are wondering, the "12 seconds" refer to the total time it took Magnus to make all of his own moves according to the chess clock. Gate's moves are counted separately. That's why it's "12 seconds" despite the video being over a minute.

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