Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in just 12 seconds

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, billionaire and philantropist, faced off against the World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen during the talkshow “Skavlan” in 2014, recorded in a studio in London. Carlsen started with 30 seconds on his clock, and Gates with 2 minutes – by the time he’d win the game, Carlsen would only up 12 of those seconds!
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  1. Bill: "I usually last longer".
    12 year old boy: "No he doesn't".

  2. Now lets time who can write software faster.

  3. the smirk on Bill's face when he got the bishop

  4. h3 pawn was physically and mentally painful

  5. The only thing faster than that loss was the 11 seconds of magic he had with that 17 year old on Epstein Island

  6. Hello, dear genius and philanthropist Bill Gates, I am Rezvan Bashaev, your longtime fan, I ask you to personally respond to my request and appeal to you and your foundation, dear Bill Gates, I ask you for a personal meeting, as well as friendship if is this possible, and also for help, I am waiting for an answer from you since your answer is vital for me and for many people as well, with respect to you, your Rezvan?🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  7. Didn't know Bill Gates was supposed to be a chess player. I just thought he was pervert.

  8. Now let's see the chess guy run Microsoft for 30 years and then go to Epstein Island lol

  9. TIL I'm a better chess player than Bill Gates.

  10. The 12 seconds that made Bill Gates pledge to end people as a species.

  11. Unlike most sports where the ball can bounce funny and no one is going to make every shot so in enough time a person can get lucky, chess is brutal where the better player will win 90% of the time. So If you are comparing Magnus to the average player start by comparing Michael Jordan to a high school star and you can probably fit 10 such disparities in talent between Magnus and the average player.

    Magnus beat Hikaru 14 to 1 (the second best player) to give you an idea (with a bunch of draws) . The average player is probably at least 10 full multiples of Michael Jordan away from Magnus. I am probably 8 Michael Jordan’s away as a top 10% player.

    For you young people who don’t know who Michael Jordan is he’s basically a Lebron James better than LeBron James and I could be wrong but I think MJ can literally fly but NASA has interrogated him so he’s unwilling to showcase his full abilities.

    I played a game where I played way above my normal ability and my game play was rated 2100 at a top 2.5% level for that game which is probably 10x above my normal level (with no mistakes too) against a fide master and literally had no shot, the game never felt close.

    You could probably fit 8 of those such players who are so good the other person never was in control and never had a chance to the next player who would also get crushed by the next between me and Magnus.

    By comparison, I was once top 1% in Madden and the differences were large but not that large. And if you could figure out nuances like how to practice, what to practice, statistical metrics and little tricks you could get way better very quickly. When I realized that I went from this ridiculously slow grind up to top 24% to top 1% in a few weeks.

    In chess I don’t think I can just get better at mate in 1-5 and suddenly win 20% more games against people at my level. But in Madden by forcing myself to rely on my weakness or systematically eliminating my strongest plays from the playbook and learning to win with those and then eliminating those and so on, I could get substantially better once I put my strong plays back in because if my opponent could stop it I could go to the next play.

    All I did in Madden was figure out how to get 7-8-9 yards and get better and better at producing that more and more frequently and figure out how to win at short yardage. And then figure out how to do that more frequently.

    Once you can do that on offense you can control the clock and the game such that you are the last person to score before each half.

    That is enough to rise from a below average player to top 20% and then you have to learn to score quickly and play defense and have a wide number of plays that you can rely on to accomplish each goal (7-9 yards, short yards, long yards) and start to prioritize protecting the ball by going down or out of bounds after every play to avoid the fumbles that ordinarily turn games. Which was enough to rise to top 1%. I was terrible when I started because the style of play I wanted didn’t match the offense.

    Still, I faced a guy 1300 overall when top 1% had like 7000 players and he crushed me on both sides of the ball and almost no one could stop my methodical offense so thoroughly before that. So there are still some large differences within the top 1% and maybe there’s a super big difference between 50% and 1% and a few orders of magnitude within that 1%.

  12. “I usually last longer than this,” Bill whined to his new wife.

  13. it would have been worse if he wasn't vaccinated

  14. Hi Siam, great video on staking Full disclosure I’m a Tao investor. Do you ever get the feeling this is another wonderland time and the staking and rewards are too good to be true?

  15. And gates made probably 120x magnus's wage in 12 sec

  16. That because you’re not really smart, Bill!

  17. Gates should not have castled when Carlsen had committed a queen to the right side. When Carlsen launched an all-out attack with two knights, a bishop and a queen, Gates should have done the same and formed a defensive formation. Gates's pawns should have formed a defensive formation as well, so that Carlsen would have had to trade a more valuable piece against the pawn. Either that, or Carlsen must have slowly moved the pawns forward, allowing Gates to survive longer. Also, the defensive pawn formation would have let the king sit deeper, making it harder be mate. Also, the queen is the single best piece to blitz or steal many pieces, so Gates should have traded it with his queen ASAP, forcing Carlsen to win more slowly.

    Gates will lose to Carlsen, but he could have stalled longer and traded pieces for a valiant defeat.

    Disclaimer: I'm no CM, so I'd most assuredly have lost as well.

  18. Bill gate proceed to block his bishop and give him up free pawn and remove horse that protect mate square bruhhh

  19. Well, it’s a good thing Bill is wealthy cuz he is a genius and not part of some globalist mafia.

  20. why they even play? its not fair, the guy knows every moves.

  21. B gates is the worst human of our lifetime.

  22. And because of that loss Bill decided to unleash Covid on everyone!

  23. The moment Bill Gates played Bd3 everybody knew he's a trash in chess

  24. Bill gates don't need chess he is a billionaire he can create a bot that trillions of Magnus would never be able to defeat

  25. Keep in mind that Gates thinks the world should look to him for guidance.

  26. Pro players have all the possible opening moves memorized and what are the best counters are. Magnus already knew what to play before Bill even moved his first pawn

  27. For those who are wondering, the "12 seconds" refer to the total time it took Magnus to make all of his own moves according to the chess clock. Gate's moves are counted separately. That's why it's "12 seconds" despite the video being over a minute.

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