Magnus Carlsen Congratulates Ding Liren! #shorts

Will Magnus Comeback? 🥳

Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #magnuscarlsen #magnus #hikarunakamura #worldchampionship #chessgame #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts
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  1. I wish there should have magnus istead of ding against gukesh & gukesh wins it❤

  2. Rook to G6…
    One of the greatest decisions of all time.

  3. But ding didn't win it from magnus so practically it was an gifted championship.

  4. Please remove the mouse click sounds from your edits next time

  5. isnt that hikaru's step dad in the back in the last

  6. After I saw the video of Nepo vs. Harikrishna, I am happier for Ding when he defeated the Crybaby Nepo 😂😂😂

  7. On spot editing???. I can heard mouse click……

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