Magnus Carlsen destroys Maghsoodloo in 28 moves | Commentary by Sagar

It was the final round of the World Rapid Championships 2022 and Magnus Carlsen was in a must win situation. His opponent was the enterprising Iranian GM Parham Maghsoodloo. This was good news for Magnus as Parham never really plays drawish chess. When Carlsen opened with 1.e4, the Iranian GM responded back with the Sicilian. The game was exciting and led to a fascinating finish. Check out how this game, where the World Champion, who is famed for his positional and technical play, is an absolute monster when given a chance to attack!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  2. At the end rook to c7 wasn't better? The pawn move was useless..

  3. Can't watch these w/o commentary, great work

  4. Oversmart people are appreciating his commentary 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ i know it's good but it's something not that much of importance 🤷🏻‍♂️ focus on game that's it!!!!

  5. This scenario is familiar, playing chess against 1700s and I always lose like this dude

  6. please dont put your assumptions in chess is irritating to watch.we dont know what they were doing.don't scribble and Mark arrow in chess board

  7. I watch chess base india's vedio only for commentator

  8. Condition were changed if Maghsoodloo Played Queen to C2 in last move !

  9. But mughsoo take qc2 chek then king go back and mmaghsood sacrifices his qeen chek then magnus take with his rook then maghsood take magnus rook is that a chekmaate 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. Maghsoodloo looks like he needs medical emergency beginning of the game

  11. If you stop your commentary videos will be more interesting and engaging

  12. this game should have won by Maghsoodloo and Maghsoodloo had a chance to check mate Magnus Carlsen but he missed it. he should have used queen to check mate Magnus . I think this is what the stress is all about

  13. 8:44 y cant he go for night to D6 or rook to C7 attacking the queen forcing it to move away ??

  14. The Sicilian is a forced draw with best play. Definitely in the top 5 solid defenses against e4 but if you don't play as aggressively as possible you can be losing very quickly

  15. Bole check mate tapi taknak buat..stress aku tgk

  16. Maghsoodloo have an chance but he Resings

  17. How clean was that last a7&b7 pawns reposition by Carlsen at the end hahah

  18. What a fine commentary, i mean i do not need to memorize moves, just watch every moves and figure out what to do in current scenario… ❤

  19. what is the 2d software name you use in this video??

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