Magnus Carlsen Post Round 3 Interview | Tata Steel Chess Tournament

There was happening more in the Carlsen – Ding game than met the eye according to the Norwegian grandmaster. However that didn’t prevent the game from ending in a draw after 37 moves.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. So many chess weirdos invested in Magnuses hair.

  2. He would have definitely played the wc if ding had won the candidates.

  3. Hans should sue Magnus for stealing his hairdo.

  4. 'These positions are equal, but more equal for white' I know it's just a slip of the tongue, but it sounds like animal farm 'all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others'

  5. Long but well kept, smooth hair look so much better than these kind of hair. It's just my opinion though!

  6. Why is there a line bw his nose and his forehead

  7. Do fix yourself a bit. You're in front of a LOT of audience.

  8. magnus really is an alround package even in terms of media. goat

  9. Se eu andar xom um cabelo desses na rua vou receber é esmola… mas o mgs é mgs 😅


  11. I think he forced the draw with the London so Ding didn't have to give away prep for the potential wc match. But it was funny to see him bust it out

  12. "if I'd played precisely"… computer game analysis: 98%

  13. He looks like he's playing drums in a indie rock band from the 00's

  14. „These positions are sort of equal, but a little bit more equal for white…“ 😳

  15. Magnus hair is already at 2900 elo. His brain just needs to catch up

  16. Why dont 2600 GMs just play the London against super GMs to chop down their ratings and boost their own?

  17. Its so nice that he is completly honest all the time, maybe im wrong but its just my impression

  18. I've figured it out, Remy the rat from Ratatoille is hiding in his hair making all the best moves.

  19. I cant take him seriously with that hair lmao

  20. The 2100 journalist be like: “ding Liren, he is the number 2 in the world” 😆😆😆 did she just try to explain to Magnus who ding is ?! LOL

  21. he must have lost a bet, and now has to play with Niemann's hairs… till the next game they play 🙂

  22. Very nice interview. Magnus is a great ambassador for the sport.

  23. I predict Pragg beating him and carlsen sending him in Hans’s league

  24. Can't he afford to get a haircut? He's got to be making a few bucks playing chess?

  25. 0:34 try to play positionally by playing the London just say that you wanted to make a draw

  26. magnus has never beaten ding with white? wow

  27. Other interviews got 100-1k views and when magnus is on tittle it's 32k

  28. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fortunate we are to witness a once in a generation legend grow, dominate and still loves to compete at the top level for the last 15 or more years?

  29. competent, eloquent, direct and extra smart. you can have anything on your head, if the inside of it is such a treasure. also funny how he lights up every time someone mentions the tripple crown, he really happy about it, which is nice to see after he looked like he lost a spark in his eyes in last year(s)

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