Magnus Carlsen shows up 3 minutes LATE for World Chess Championship


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  1. Show vidit games and some Indian gm games

  2. One of the reasons why i respect u is that u really try to pronounce the players' name as good as u can. Some youtubers wouldn't even care andjust say "i think i butchered that"

  3. Day 2 recap suggestions:
    Tabatabaei vs Radjabov
    Lu vs Kiolbasa
    Zhalmakhanov vs Kovalev
    Assaubaeva vs Mo

  4. Levy's "Ladies and gentlemen …" never gets too old.

  5. Damn mizkif gained some weight and started playing chess

  6. This is a Norwegian Viking Chad Sigma gangster man!!

    eta: yeah I'm 28, not 12 haha 😅

  7. I’m nearly 50 and watch this channel daily. Levy is an entertaining guy (and I agree with him about how pointless small dogs are)

  8. I need him shouting so I don't louse attention

  9. Magnus vs vincent, despite of being a draw it was grt game

  10. "I got paaawwwwnssss roooollliiing down this mfing booooaaaarrrrd" ~ GothamChess 2023

  11. Gotham: Take that, 77-year-old boomer: My target audience is not 65 years younger than you, only 57!

  12. Did Lu Miaoyi became a WGM in the last 22 hours? Now FIDE says she is a WGM, Wikipedia still says she is a WIM

  13. This guy just makes chess matches fun to watch and interesting, and he is the best at commenting on this stuff for the basic-average player. Alright, maybe some advanced knowledge is chess tells you much more, but we simply don't care, if I would be an advanced player, I would watch the games myself and understand them myself, I wouldn't look for someone else's commentary.

  14. No Way Bro Just Said No CAP And GYAT In One Sentence😭

  15. "chad sigma ganster" is what a millenial would say who thinks they re hip with the kids

  16. Of course the average age is somewhere in the twenties:
    5 twelve-year-olds for every 77 year-old gives you an average of 23.
    QED 😁
    (btw I'm 62 and I love the channel)

  17. Can you cover Levon? He only has one loss, so he's still in it I would say.

  18. Imagine being born in 2013 and beating a 2500.

  19. A game ended in 8 moves. You could include that to a video. He literally blundered M1.

  20. Magnus never fails to milk levy in his videos

  21. Cheparinov just went gangster over rapport so clean

  22. This man lost to a 10 year old, anything to say levy?

  23. 28:45 I try tactics like this all the time. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t. Nice to see when professionals make it look so easy.

  24. @21:40 Gotham: Hans Neiman; so hot right now.

    Confirmed Levi in Zoolander 3.

  25. 62, male, home owner and married. I don't know anything about chess but I'm fascinated by chess and I like commentary.

  26. Omg Levy did another Magnus video, who cares stfu and watch the video lol

  27. Levy never fails to be a chess diamond member

  28. Relax Levy! I am 50 years old and I only dislike you occasionally! Cheers!

  29. Yes Gotham Chss Samarkand is really beautiful

  30. We make best chess videos but no one watches it 😞😞

  31. Bishop to b4 by a 10 year old in inssaaaaaaaaaanity!!!!!!

  32. You are telling be, the average viewer of this channel is almost 15 years younger than me?!

  33. I’m not sure levy knows what gyatt means 🙁

  34. this channels apeals to zoomers with low attention spans not real chess players as the main thing gothamchess is known for is shouting the rook sacrifise

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