Magnus Carlsen Takes Anish Giri On A Wild Ride In Blitz Chess

Magnus Carlsen is known for playing an unconventional style of chess, but in this game vs. a long-time rival and friend, we see @themagnuscarlsen take Anish Giri on a wild ride from start to finish. @DanielNaroditskyGM breaks down all the action from their 2022 World Blitz Championship match!

Review the game:

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  1. GM Daniel and IM Sagar of Chess Base India are two of my personal favorites

  2. ꧁☻︎•Swapnil Shinde•☹︎꧂ says:

    I don’t understand chess.It’s not complicated game but it’s calculated game.All the moves in chess game are calculated and bad moves and good moves, blunders, excellent, mistakes, moves are calculated.It’s like solving Rubik’s cube with algorithm like CFOP RUAX ZZ method are really easy.If you know them, you can solve it no matter how much it’s been scrambled.I can solve it in 50 seconds because I memorized all the patterns and algorithms for each pattern.Chess is the same to win game you must always make brilliant moves.If both players doesn’t make any bad moves or blunders and memorize all the pattern then game should end in draw.

  3. Real star of this video is Daniel's rapid commentary. Made it seem easy.

  4. Danya you are the best chess commentator nowadays 😘

  5. What a commentary!

    Beloved Daniel Naroditsky "The prophet" 🧡

  6. As someone who recently learned how to play chess watching this video showed me how intense professional matches are🤯

  7. Carlson’s move f7-f5, sealing up & saving his collapsing K-side was brilliant!

  8. The comentator really impreses me how he can comentate whats happening on the board in a span of like 10 seconds

  9. Ngl when I read Magnus takes Amish Girl on wild ride I was really confused

  10. Man that light square bishop I was in so much pain after c5-c4 because Anish is esencially playing a piece down.

  11. Let's appreciate the great work of Danya for the smooth analysis!!! 💙💙💙

  12. The star of this competition is "Daniel Naroditsky".

    (With respect to Magnus and Anish)

  13. Then Anish took magnus on a wild ride in classical chess.

  14. This is the verbal equivalent of the cameraman outrunning the racers

  15. Amazing commentary!! On pace with the time control of the game, not deviating from the point, not trying hard to be funny, overexcited nor taking the spotlight from the players. Great job!!

  16. Danya is an excellent commentator, an excellent teacher, and an excellent player.

  17. Hey Daniel can you at least pause for a second.. 😌

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