Magnus Carlsen takes on Africa no.1 Bassem Amin | World Blitz 2021 | Commentary by Sagar

Africa no.1 Bassem Amin took on World no.1 Magnus Carlsen at the World Blitz 2021. The game is very exciting because Magnus chooses an offbeat variation against the Sicilian Rossolimo and then manages to put his opponent under tremendous pressure. Amin is equally up to the challenge and plays excellently to equalize. But in the late endgame Magnus Carlsen weaves his magic! Don’t miss out on this beautiful encounter with IM Sagar Shah doing the commentary.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Sugar Shah should be the #1 choice for The World Champion Tournament commentary.

  2. The commentator is very good, Who is the gentleman?

  3. this seriously makes it so much better with the commentary! anyone have any other videos with this dude talking? Helps me follow it so much better…

  4. Why did he win? I don't understand

  5. Hilarious. The best African chess player is a Caucasian. Go figure.

  6. Having absolutely no idea of how to play chess or even what’s happening during a game the ending always so anticlimactic 😂

  7. Magnus Carlsen walks through an empty room with a mask on, sits down 4 feet from another person, then takes his mask off? Were we really that stupid?

  8. I’m really confused. At 5:22 Amin plays pawn to D4… and Magnus takes with his Pawn on C4. But moves his pawn up to D3. What’s going on here??

  9. Incrédible !
    The g pawn was the pawn of Victory and promotion !

  10. I’m new to chess. How did magnus win at the end of it wasn’t a check mate?

  11. Great commentator as if watching boxing or football game

  12. can someone explain me the 5:23? how did the pawn eat the pawn?

  13. I don't know who this Magnus guy is but to beat Africa's no. 1 means he is good. With a little practice this Magnus might win a few tournaments.

  14. hard luck for the best in africa …Bassem plays well with the best in huminity ever ! …. God bless you Bassem !

  15. I think, the commentator is better than Magnus, he knows the game more than the Grandmasters

  16. time 9:44 the move to A3 is not shown at all on that image! please correct

  17. what you saying in 10:40 doesn't match with what you show in your board image! why king go face to face with rook ? !! please corect

  18. Let's not be rude please. Thanks. Or I won't bother coming back at all.

  19. Anybody notice at 5:15 he moves pawn next to the other pawn and takes

  20. You know the game is over if Magnus trades his higher piece to the opponent towards the end of game…great commentator tho🔥🔥

  21. This commentator is skilled in knowing the grid and predicting exactly one move ahead. No more, no less. We need the TOP people to be in his position, not him.

  22. Can anyone explain the move at 5:24
    I couldn’t understand it
    How did black pawn kill white pawn ?
    Is this a rule?

  23. indian commentary made this video unbearable.

  24. It is not check mate so how one side won?

  25. why did Magnus win here? Can someone explain pls

  26. I would watch this if it was shown on mainstream TV.

  27. I appreciated the commentaries a lot, although they were certainly mainly done for young Indian chess students (and I'm an old German) … ;-))

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