Magnus Carlsen takes on Africa no.1 Bassem Amin | World Blitz 2021 | Commentary by Sagar

Africa no.1 Bassem Amin took on World no.1 Magnus Carlsen at the World Blitz 2021. The game is very exciting because Magnus chooses an offbeat variation against the Sicilian Rossolimo and then manages to put his opponent under tremendous pressure. Amin is equally up to the challenge and plays excellently to equalize. But in the late endgame Magnus Carlsen weaves his magic! Don’t miss out on this beautiful encounter with IM Sagar Shah doing the commentary.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. nah this guy messed up(the african) he could have taken magnus queen if he left the night there

  2. Light chess to me I'm smarter thank you for choking chess players I'm #1

  3. MissUrielle Shakir The SIREN-Arc Angel Uriel. USA says:

    The Commentator is riveting adding even more suspense to a CAPTIVATING GAME!!!

  4. They should put pulse moniters on them so we can see their heart rate during the game

  5. I'm confused. Why didn't Magnus turn the pawn into a queen at the end?

  6. What on earth is on Magnus's water? Inmediate release modafinil? Amazing

  7. Not surprised to see a non-black person being Africa’s number 1.

  8. Who'd have thought chess commentary could be so captivating! Seen a few vids with this chap commentating, and I got to say, it's really fun listening to him!! He's just as quick discussing it as the players are thinking it, and even spotting things the players miss! He must be good at chess 🙂

  9. A stunna was sitting playing with another girl in the back chair .. who's she?

  10. Best komentator ever that is what we need in this game !!!!???

  11. Can someone explain why magnus won? Im still new to chess but the king of Amin was not in check 🤔

  12. The announcer played a salesman in the movie THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN – he was very good in that acting part and did an excellent job announcing this match.

  13. why doesn't he take the pawn with his king ? the rook is blocing the bishop, so it's free

  14. Hikaru – July 20,2022 after magnus announcement- 😑😑😑😑

  15. Chrono Trigger VS Alien

    That's what a call an epic crossover chess showdown. Only the old ones will understand 🤘

  16. Am I Crazy?! Blacks b pawn goes B7-B6, B6-B5, B5xC4 then En passant?! illegal move? 🙃

  17. This announcer needs to replace the bozos on Monday Night Football. Imagine the ratings and the new worldwide fans that would bring!

  18. As an Egyptian medical Doctor and amateur chess player, I commend my colleague Dr. Amin. Great game!

  19. Magnus Comes, Magnus wins, shake hands, and left!! That's all.. Story of every chess game.💁

  20. Commentators are FAR BETTER than Maurice Ashley and whoever that red head lady is. They need to learn a thing or two.

  21. sorry new to chess but why would Amin lose if he moves rook to E1?

  22. Nothing against Indian people really, but their English accent annoys the hell out of me…….

  23. At the end of the game Magnus
    was interviewed he was asked about his opponent and about the way the game developed Carlsen just replied "Another one bites the dust".

  24. Why magnus did. win the game, he did not kill the king?! I’m new into chess sry for my lack of knowledge

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