Magnus Carlsen vs. Alireza Firouzja | Full Match | Bullet World Championship 2023

WHAT A MATCH! Alireza Firouzja and Magnus Carlsen face off in the winner’s semifinal of the Bullet Chess Championship 2023 and it was a battle. Carlsen and Firouzja went blow for blow in a CRAZY match that will for sure go down in history.

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  1. Honestly i do feel magnus drinks a little much. Leaves you sluggish. Say what you want but the moment magnus stops messing around in general he will take the world champion title back.

  2. Big ups to Hess for his commentary style adjustment when Canty lost connection. Brilliant stuff.

  3. This fashion designer will have a bright future in chess

  4. How are online games monitored to ensure players do not have access to chess engines ?

  5. Bullet chess doesn't prove much in my opinion. If you see positions in 1 second that your opponent would see in two seconds nothing is demonstrated in terms of who is the BETTER chess player. Bullet chess is simply another cultural manifestation of always trying to do everything faster. It seems inescapable in the modern world.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Magnus was shaking his hand during the match because he hurt it at 13:05

  7. They decided it was “INSANE” before the game

  8. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    Your energy is so contagious, it's impossible not to enjoy your videos.

  9. Amazing chess especially when I can't follow a single move!😂

  10. As soon as players can buy the Apple Vision Pro and use its "glance and pinch" interface to move instead of "swipe and click" with a mouse, the game of chess will change, because it will take less time to move a piece.

  11. I donot like this 1 min bullet. It's all about who makes the move the quickest and the quality does not matter. Bullet should be 2+1 min.anything less, it's not really chess.

  12. I'd much rather watch the players stream over this…

  13. One thing to not forget, to not take away from Alireza's win is that Magnus's laptop isn't great at bullet which means that it takes him longer to click the pieces. Great match from Alireza and Magnus though. Hope we see this again in the final!!😊

  14. Зачем 4 человека в кадре?? Интересно видеть эмоции игроков, оставили бы все как в начале видео, два игрока и шахматная доска, зачем ещё два лишних человека???

  15. The game magnus was 20 sec ahead of time but still alireza managed to flag magnus was crazy

  16. Magnus pretend for losing, he will back from the losers final. BCC 2023 grandfinal will be Magnus vs Hikaru

  17. hate it that the lenght of the video gave away how the match ended

  18. Mute before watching if you don't want to hate the psychiatric commentator.

  19. Robert is the best commentator, so smooth when Canty loses connection!

  20. Amazing. I thought only Naka could take MC but now Firo is clearly one of those few top contenders.

  21. @12:33 "Here comes the black king! f4 check!? He allowed f4 check???" 👌🥵 Outsiders see everything… when they're good 👏👏

  22. Playing 1 minute against Magnus is like square dancing with a grizzly bear: Bear be like, "I stood on my hind legs for this? You can't even dosey do!"
    Now you got a grizzly bear chasing your a$$ around the barn

  23. You are world no.1 then how you dont know how to have the best net, mouse, computer settings????

  24. Should Firouzja become world champ in the next few years Magnus will challenge him for the title.

  25. 16:25
    Firouzja: down 20 secs
    Analysts: Firouzja can just resigns
    Firouzja 45 seconds later: flagged Magnus


  26. Its hard to believe a prodigy like that is pursuing a career in fashion industry 😭 Congratulations Alireza 🔥

  27. WOW i did't expect this much good play from a poker player and a fashion designer

  28. Am I crazy to think that Alireza might be world champ one day?

  29. i glad to see our magnos able to feel the games again

  30. Is this ure 🐐 gettin beat by a fashion designer

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